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Welcome Zygurt

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Cheers Ramsay.


Sometimes I wish life would go back to 9 to 5 work and gaming. Somehow, all of the things I setup to work on creatively over the last month of being unemployed have culminated in the last week, and leading up to 31st October. Really sorry that I'm not around much, but my gaming computer currently doesn't even have a screen as I need it for film sound stuff.

I'm still here and watching the forums, just not terribly active.

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Yeah, we understand mate - just as long as we know your location. Keep posting to keep us updated, and keep using vWar to put down yes/no/maybe for trainings and scrims and we'll go from there.

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Congratulations Zygurt


Congratulations Zygurt on making it through your recruitment period and fulfilling our requirements. We would like to welcome you to full membership within Roll The Dice and look forward to gaming with you long in to the future.


For your information you may wish to look at the following threads which you now have access too. These will tell you a bit more about the clan, as well how to apply for squads etc. if you are interested:

  • Clan Code of Conduct - now more than ever it is vital that you know our Code of Conduct. In representing Roll The Dice as a full member it is expected you will follow this at all times and set the right example for newer members as well.
  • Clan Announcements - a new section of the forums which you can now access, where we announce new information to the clan.
  • Clan Positions - this shows all the positions within the clan, what the roles do and who currently holds them. Useful if need to contact the right person about something.
  • Clan General Discussion - just a place for us to discuss general, clan only related topics.
  • Squad and Ladder Information - everything to do with our squads can be found here, including the links to the respective teams. If you wish to join one of our squads you will need to read up ;)
  • vWar Tutorial - we expected all members to use vWar to sign up to Clan Trainings and Scrims.
  • The Round Table - this forum is where all members can have their say within the clan. All opinions are welcome, from the newest to the oldest member.


Again, congratulations on full membership and hope to see you on the battlefield soon.

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