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I ended up buying the Metro franchise and Call to Arms. they also have "steam" points this year which allows you to buy profile banners, emojis and a bunch of other things. You also get an $8 discount on your first purchase during the Steam sale which i thought was awesome! I'll be picking up more games later on during the sale tho... i miss the flashsales :(

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On 21/08/2020 at 12:23 PM, MasterShrive said:

The two current freebies on Epic might have some MP coop options.

Remnant? i have been playing through it with a friend.

I like it, it's like darksouls-diablo if they were a shooter. 

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Yeah Decro and I started it, but probably didn't make the most of all the game had to offer. We just had a chinwag instead while being engulfed by monsters (and both getting through the intro).

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