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It's interesting. I like the loot system, every item has an outline and changes colour. For example if it's an upgrade, it will show purple, if not red. Makes looting fast and easy.


US server lag is very annoying but I'm enjoying it....more than PUBGarbage. It's got some goofy items like fuzzy boots which makes you jump 3+ meters in the air. If only it was first person :(


5GB download too.

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On 6/14/2018 at 9:52 PM, MasterShrive said:

Giving this another bump for people that missed it and would be interested.


I ended up purchasing the Champions Pack, which gives access to all the champions and to Custom Games, which means I can start a lobby and invite up to 7 others to play in our own games etc.

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downloaded quake champions and the game wont even load for me

get a "Services not available" error every time and nothing i can do

was about to buy the champion pack as well so glad i didnt.


if it ever works id be keen for a game

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1 hour ago, MasterShrive said:

Maybe they use Optus?

rofl he went there


managed to get on this morning so must have been full last night.

wish they just said that in the message and i wouldn't have wasted an hour trying things to get in....

will give the game a rip tonight and see how it goes

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Not sure if interest to anyone, but another forum alerted me to Insurgency being free on Steam for the next 48 hours

I assume this is attempting to get people in with the release of Insurgency Sandstorm next month

Link to game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/222880/Insurgency/ 

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