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  1. Elite Dangerous

    oh that looks fun!
  2. Welcome Predz

    Congrats Predz Look forward to many future wing missions!
  3. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    Just finished The Boys Definitely binge watch worthy. I loved it. Homelander is my fav. What a psycho lol
  4. Elite Dangerous

    Thats a cool shot!
  5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    This looks like every other game they have released in the last 10 years, with just a different skin! Im in!
  6. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    That looks good will be getting on board for sure!
  7. Squad

    Sweet as mate, Im just grinding some ED, but let me know when U jump in and I'll jump on Squad
  8. Elite Dangerous

    Recommendation: Dont travel over 300 light years to get a vital component for a mission to then swap your cargo hold for a fuel tank on the way back so the return trip goes a bit quicker, only to find out that said important component must have been in the cargo hold I decided to swap out
  9. Squad

    Free Weekend of Squad this weekend if anyone was keen to try this out. Latest patch has added some training/bootcamp things you can run through to get your head around the game if you're new. This is one of the best Mil Sim/FPS out there at the moment in my opinion. Some of the moments you have when playing with a good squad are amazing. I find when Im bored of all other games this is the one I keep coming back to. The devs seem committed as it gets regular big patches adding new maps, vehicles weapons and game modes and the most important thing is there is a really good player base in aus. If anyone is keen for a game sometime on the weekend hit me up
  10. Movie Club

    frothing for this !!!
  11. Elite Dangerous

    Yeah I did tutorials from launcher only to find they are in gamein Horizons. But im wondering if there different like more how to get around the universe and accept missions ect. The launcher tutorial was pretty much just flying
  12. Elite Dangerous

    Do the Tutorials
  13. I'm going with a chip in the brain, Games streamed straight to the cerebral cortex from the cloud!
  14. G'day all