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  1. Battlefield 2042

    Where's the cheapest?
  2. Gaming And Software Sales

    Yeah you do need to find the right ones. You can sink hours into them before you know weather they are any good or not.
  3. Gaming And Software Sales

    I already have this and havnt gotten around to playing it. I too love a 4X space sim but unfortunately I have that many in my library that I have not got around to trying many of them. I fear my list is building like Shrives and it's becoming too daunting to even contemplate starting any of these games.
  4. Movie Club

    Yeah stay clear of small country towns! Thats where all the nutters live
  5. Your First PC

    No idea what the specs where but first PC was a Commodore 64 (pretty sure they were all the same). Running games off the old 5 1/2 inch floppy drives and the old dot matrix printer. Also remember loading games from cassette tapes and it would take about 45 mins for games to load just to play. It was a blessing when they included a little mini game that would load up halfway through for you to play while you waited. Really wish Id kept it all even if it probably wouldn't work now. But first IBM PC after that we hit the 86 family. think we went 286 then upgraded to 486 a couple of years later.
  6. Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah I have watched a few vids on Builds that are pretty broken and can turn guns into one hits etc. I havn't really worked all that stuff out yet!
  7. Cyberpunk 2077

    I've been having a blast with the game. Only a couple of graphical glitches here and there that's it. Running i9 9900 and the ol 1070 on high settings and getting around 40 to 50 frames, which is fine for me in a single player game. Graphically it doesn't look that much better then GTA 5 so not sure how its so demanding. Was GTA 5 graphically demanding? Never played it on PC. Maybe it looks way better with that Ray Tracing stuff that I have no idea about. Think a lot of the problems are on console maybe? But couldn't really care too much about graphics as the game play is really fun. Pretty involved game play mechanics and different ways you can take on the missions using hacks, stealth, guns blazing. I usually start out trying to be sneaky then stuff it up so out come the guns! Also the City is really fun to explore and find myself just getting lost so much. Heaps of side missions that are really fun and main story line has been really good so far. It really is pretty similar to GTA just set in a futuristic setting and more RPG elements to how you can customise your charachter with different implants and hacks you can equip.
  8. Cyberpunk 2077

    Yep Russia is also nice this time of year!
  9. Gaming And Software Sales

    Doh I brought this 6 months ago.
  10. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    For me Id still Say Rogue 1 is the best thing Disney has done so far. Mandalorian is good and really enjoying it. Only thing that brings it down for me is a bit of terrible acting from a couple of the support crew and an over reliance on the Kid doing cute stuff. Other then that I'm liking the Direction they look to be heading.
  11. Assassins Creed: Valhalla

    I picked this up as well. Don't think Ive played an AC game since 3. They were always pretty fun games but the formula was getting tired for me after about the 3rd one. But having such a big spell means this feels pretty fresh and I'm loving the Viking setting. I just wish they pissed off the future setting and the whole concept of retracing the memories stuff. Just rips me right out of the game and immersion. Combat is ok and love the tomb raiding aspect of trying to find all those shiny's and figuring out how do I get up there, which has always been one of my favorite aspects of the series. Think this has come out at a good time as well with not too many other single player games that I'm interested in hitting the market for a little while yet.
  12. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    Yeah I did. One of the best Series I've ever seen. Definitely worthy of jumping that queue Shrives
  13. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    Anyone watch Watchmen? Not sure how this snuck past my radar last year as I really liked the move. But only 5 Eps in and loving it. Pretty dark and weird as in some aspects, but right up my alley and definitely binge worthy. Also has a wicked soundtrack!
  14. Top 30 Games List

    This would take me 2 years to figure out and definitely reflect my age lol! There would be a lot of Nintendo on this list. Might give it a crack one day!
  15. Star Wars: Squadrons

    Oh turns out I get it with Origin Premium so looks like I will be getting it after all.