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  1. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Easily the best Star Wars Disney has put out since Rogue 1. Helps that this is my fav time period of SW. Also for me SW was always about the rebels vs the empire. Jedi/Sith stuff, altho cool, always took a back seat to a good old blaster fight or a squadron of x-wings going up against a super star destroyer. Loving the political insight into this time period as well as how the rebels were working from the inside before the Emperor dissolved the senate. Just wish we could have gotten this quality in the sequels and the rest of the series they've put out. I think there hasn't been as much attention fan-wise because everyone is just enjoying it and there has been no bickering between the fan base online.
  2. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Yeah Pench clone wars is hard to get through. Lots of filla between some awesome killa! I should stop saying Disney as its still made by Lucas Film. But yeah has been a problem for a while now even before the Disney takeover. I think stems from the prequels and continued on where they tried to make it too much for kids while also trying to keep the adult audience and have never gotten the mix right and most times just down right wrong. The OT was never made for kids but George made that much money of the Merchandising that he fell into the trap of making it too much for kids to sell toys and as you know what Disney is all about its definitely been exacerbated! Loved the Hello There trow back as well. Probably the most all time SW meme out there. I was expecting Qiu Gon's Voice as well Shrives. Yeah Vader leaving Reva alive just points out the tad bits of bad writing. Just make her escape some how by the skin of her teeth etc. It's littered with this type of stuff through out the series. Like Vader pulling down one ship escaping so why not the second? Doesn't ruin it for me but stops the series from being fully awesome instead of just good.
  3. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    If Disney could just fix up some of the terrible writing then this series would have been awesome instead of just good. Last episode knocked it out of the park and didn't mess up to much in ANH. But some of the other episodes just had some god damn stupid stuff in it! In saying that it's probably still the best series overall Disney have done so far imo. Almost had a tear in my eye when Kenobi was telling Leia about her Parents. Fight scene was much better this time around even though still feel it still shouldn't have happened. Maybe that flashback kind of smooths it out a little but still sits uneasy with me. They fixed a few plot holes in this last episode too! Kenobi calling him Darth. Kind of backs up my justification that Kenobi was just being sarcastic in ANH when he calls him Darth and tidy's up that small plot hole. Also worked around Leia's message to Kenobi in ANH where it appears she doesn't know him by having him tell her know one must know they've met. Also liked Vader telling Kenobi that it was he that killed Anakin and not Kenobi. Again tidy's up Kenobi telling Luke that Vader killed Anakin in ANH and "the whole the truths we cling to" retcon in ROTJ. At least it shows they've taken some notice of the Orginals and trying to work into them.
  4. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Yeah its this type of stuff that just kills it for me with Disney. Like what were the writers thinking here? Seriously couldn't come up with something better? How much are they getting paid? Maybe if he was using some kind of mind trick maybe but clearly isn't with his troubles with the force. Was the same crap with the Leia chase scene.
  5. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Shes the best actor Disney Star Wars has had!
  6. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    First thing I thought when that fight took place. I don't see how they work around it. Actually really pissed me off lol. Did these writers even watch the Original Trilogy? That's one of the all time classic star wars lines!!! Well wasn't like everything else hasn't created plot holes with the OT so carry on I guess. The fight between Vader and Kenobi, (which should't have happen) seemed pretty poorly done IMO. Seemed like they were trying to justify why the fight in ANH was so slowpaced. I know Kenobi is meant to be finding the force again but something about it felt off. And then Vader kind of just lets him go. Apart from that I've been enjoying it. Nailed the actor for Leia. You can really see her growing into the Princess Leia we knew from the OT. Love the Inquisitors. They were a really big part of Rebels and Jedi The Fallen Order game which has one of the best Star Wars stories. Hope they incorporate that into some live action somewhere down the track. Also MAYBE SPOILERS to those who haven't seen Rebels Also good to see the forum back from the dead
  7. Battlefield 2042

    Where's the cheapest?
  8. Gaming And Software Sales

    Yeah you do need to find the right ones. You can sink hours into them before you know weather they are any good or not.
  9. Gaming And Software Sales

    I already have this and havnt gotten around to playing it. I too love a 4X space sim but unfortunately I have that many in my library that I have not got around to trying many of them. I fear my list is building like Shrives and it's becoming too daunting to even contemplate starting any of these games.
  10. Movie Club

    Yeah stay clear of small country towns! Thats where all the nutters live
  11. Your First PC

    No idea what the specs where but first PC was a Commodore 64 (pretty sure they were all the same). Running games off the old 5 1/2 inch floppy drives and the old dot matrix printer. Also remember loading games from cassette tapes and it would take about 45 mins for games to load just to play. It was a blessing when they included a little mini game that would load up halfway through for you to play while you waited. Really wish Id kept it all even if it probably wouldn't work now. But first IBM PC after that we hit the 86 family. think we went 286 then upgraded to 486 a couple of years later.
  12. Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah I have watched a few vids on Builds that are pretty broken and can turn guns into one hits etc. I havn't really worked all that stuff out yet!
  13. Cyberpunk 2077

    I've been having a blast with the game. Only a couple of graphical glitches here and there that's it. Running i9 9900 and the ol 1070 on high settings and getting around 40 to 50 frames, which is fine for me in a single player game. Graphically it doesn't look that much better then GTA 5 so not sure how its so demanding. Was GTA 5 graphically demanding? Never played it on PC. Maybe it looks way better with that Ray Tracing stuff that I have no idea about. Think a lot of the problems are on console maybe? But couldn't really care too much about graphics as the game play is really fun. Pretty involved game play mechanics and different ways you can take on the missions using hacks, stealth, guns blazing. I usually start out trying to be sneaky then stuff it up so out come the guns! Also the City is really fun to explore and find myself just getting lost so much. Heaps of side missions that are really fun and main story line has been really good so far. It really is pretty similar to GTA just set in a futuristic setting and more RPG elements to how you can customise your charachter with different implants and hacks you can equip.
  14. Cyberpunk 2077

    Yep Russia is also nice this time of year!
  15. Gaming And Software Sales

    Doh I brought this 6 months ago.