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  1. Elite Dangerous

    The Vulture is amazing for 1 thing, and that is hunting... Jumping between systems, cargo or anythign else it sucks at. But get it in a situation where you can go hunting pirates and it will just destroy most things with ease. I love my Vulture, but with it being so limited I don't use it as much as I would like. And that paint job looks awesome... I really should jump back in, but time for games seems so small lately.
  2. NBN

    So when are you becoming an English creative arts writing teacher Shrives? Also AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. Age of Empires and Age of Mythology Series

    So I tried a game against bots on standard difficulty... (Second easiest) I was surviving, but only just... 1 of the AI's had charged through the first 2 ages and was just sending a stream of soldiers at me.
  4. Age of Empires and Age of Mythology Series

    I have game pass, I could be convinced to lose a night to losing a game
  5. Golf With Your Friends

    Let me guess, Friday you have Pre-Pre-Season training for footy so you are fit enough to bench warm? On topic though... the addition of land mines and shit looks like lots of fun... So what time are we aiming for? 8.30? 9?
  6. Golf With Your Friends

    I like this plan... I might have to stop playing WoW to do it though... (Damn WoW crack)
  7. The Outer Worlds

    So this releases on Friday morning (10am AEDT), who is getting into it? Looks like a good return to a proper single player RPG for Obsidian. Also for anyone interested, this is available on PC as part of the XBox Game Pass for PC ($5 a month) This does mean downloading and installing through either the XBox App, or Windows store though.
  8. The Outer Worlds

    Yeah it isn't a huge game, and Sniper Rifles are way overpowered... But the story seems to have enough points where you can do different things that might give it some replayability. I really need to finish it... at about 14 hours and on Monarch, so slowly getting there.
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I could get around a paint balling day... last time I went was with Shrive's in Anakie. I think that was about 15 years ago now
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Sounds like a normal game of R6 or PUBG
  11. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    This looks very cool
  12. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Honestly there have been some frankly awesome Star Wars games... (KOTOR 1 & 2, The whole Dark Forces series incl Jedi Academy, the original Battlefronts) It just seems that the newer stuff is shit, and so few and far between that they are so memorable. Is there anything other than BF 1 & 2 in the last 10 years?
  13. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    I refuse to get hyped for a Star Wars game... if it is good then awesome... But honestly, history isn't on their side.
  14. The Outer Worlds

    No its an overall Microsoft sub Includes games like Forza Horizon 3 & 4, Gears of War 5, Sea of Thieves, and Wolfenstein 2 https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/xbox-game-pass/pc-games
  15. The Outer Worlds

    That is why the $5 game pass is the cheap way to play it. (I think the first month for new people is $1)
  16. Elite Dangerous

    I just noticed a new Community Goal went up yesterday. Location: Braun Enterprise | Heike Objective: Deliver Advanced Medicines, Thallium and Medical Diagnostic Equipment Time left: 5D 10H 12M More info can be found at https://inara.cz/galaxy-communitygoals/ I now need to work out how far away from the goal I currently am.
  17. Gaming And Software Sales

    Also for anyone that played Theme Hospital years ago, Two Point Hospital is having a free weekend and is 50% off https://store.steampowered.com/app/535930/Two_Point_Hospital/
  18. Mouse

    I'm pretty sure Duckz's mice breed faster than actual mice
  19. Elite Dangerous

    I did 2 trips (1 with my Type 6... which I then sold and bought an Asp Explorer for the second trip) So now I have delivered 200 synthetic meats from Ngandins (? or something similar) Gets me into the lowest tier only. Need to make a push to get myself into the next tier.
  20. Elite Dangerous

    I managed to fly myself there... and then I looked to see where I could buy the required stuff. I think I flew past about 3 systems that I should have stopped at. Looks like closest system is about 35ly away that has any of the required supplies.
  21. Welcome Predz

    Welcome Predz. I might even make it back into some ED 1 night... Probably before Shrive's does though
  22. Computer Chair

    http://www.macks.com.au/product/second-hand-mesh-back-office-chairs/ Office furniture shop in Bendigo... apparently it was $125... still bloody cheap though. Hardest part was looking through their stock to find the one in the best condition. I think they are the older Mirra's (By the looks a few years old)
  23. Elite Dangerous

    That looks amazing. I have been getting my brother into it lately... Managed to find a short trade route doing Basic Meds currently where we are buying for 230cr and selling for 4,900cr... And it is a quick trip both ends and only about 7ly between the solar systems. It is very nice making about 460,000cr per trip in my T6 Means we have managed to get him into a Cobra, making the game way more fun for him.
  24. Computer Chair

    I ended up getting a 2nd hand Herman Miller chair... I may look at getting a brand new one next time. So much more comfortable than what I had. And well for the $60 I paid for it it was worth the trial.
  25. Elite Dangerous

    Well I got the Vulture last night. I had forgotten how bloody quick that thing steers, so easy to keep anyone within targetting range. Also I had forgotten just how shits its fuel tank and jump range are... lots of short jumps with lots of fuel scooping. Thanks to @Predz and @TheLaw for the extra credits last night when sharing missions... helped me with getting the Vulture up to a respectable spec.