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  1. Gaming And Software Sales

    Pretty sure it has play by "email" style in it now too... so you have your turn then it pings the next person and they jump on and do their turn at any moment... might make the game take 5 years to finish though
  2. Elite Dangerous

    I really need to test the VR setup and this game... but I think I would require a HOTAS to be able to control it
  3. Grand Theft Auto V

    I have an account that got hacked and played on by some Russians for like 2 years before I bothered getting it back... I don't think I could ever spend the money they accumulated on that account... Also it is funny that Rockstar didn't even reset the account at all, so I have a large base building and lots and lots of money I also grabbed it again on Epic though
  4. Tech News

    Thunderbolt is Apple only isn't it?
  5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    People play COD for something other than Warzone?
  6. Total War Series

    The Total Warhammer games were amazing, but I always struggled with how long it took between turns waiting for every enemy army to go. I need to set apart the best part of a day and just play it, but that hasn't been available lately.
  7. VR Gaming

    So I bought a VR Headset today (Samsung Odyssey+) and now looking into VR games. This is a Windows Mixed Reality headset, but "should" work with most Steam VR games. So far my plans are Project Cars 2, Beat Saber, Superhot VR and No Man's Sky. Anyone else have VR and have some game recommendations that are must plays?
  8. VR Gaming

    So after a couple of days here is my rundown... The Lab Little mini games that are good fun to get used to the motion controllers and the headset. Couple of them have some replay-ability, otherwise it was a cool thing to try. Project Cars 2 This was insane, so amazing driving using a wheel and pedals, and being able to look around the car. Always felt nice and smooth, and just amazing. Minecraft VR and No Man's Sky VR Both almost made me vomit The motion sickness feeling caused by these was huge. Beat Saber I suck at it I love it Amazing fun, especially after modding it so I can import any song I want Superhot VR This was frustrating, fun and a cool concept all in one Shooting and grabbing stuff felt great Throwing stuff was hit and miss Next on the list, getting Tabletop Simulator to work in VR so I can play some board games. Trying out Elite Dangerous to see how it feels, will be interesting to see how the controls work.
  9. VR Gaming

    Played some of the "Lab" stuff on Steam and some Beat Saber over lunch. Very good fun, and I could wear my glasses under the headset which helped heaps (Even though the instruction booklet says don't do this)
  10. Gaming And Software Sales

    Grabbed and downloading...
  11. Movie Club

    Finally got around to watching John Wick 3... damn the action scenes in these movies have been fantastic. Absolutely loved it and really setup for another one.
  12. Webcam

    Just do like all good titty streamers do and get a DSLR and a capture card / HDMI link. Then you can have 4k and 60fps video
  13. Age of Empires andĀ Age of Mythology Series

    So it wasn't just me being shit at RTS's now? Been so long since I have played a proper one I really wasn't sure. Hit me up again next time you play, if I can I wouldn't mind being the first one killed.
  14. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Yep, squads of 4 I think... I'm not entirely sure...
  15. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Played a single game of it last night just to try it out... Some things I noted below Gun play felt nice, with predictable recoil Running, Jumping, climbing etc felt nice Your own footsteps sounded very loud, spooked myself a few times. When you die for the first time it is actually only being captured, taking you to the Gulag. In the Gulag you get a single 1v1 match against another player also waiting to go back in. If you win then you get a second life, if you lose then that is it You earn money / find money throughout each game This money can be used to buy a teammate back in Or for "perks" Perks include A UAV drone Warthog attack planes strafing a location Supply Drop And More You can fly helicopters Teammates can be the gunners or shoot out the side
  16. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    150 players Contracts to do on the map that give bonuses, unsure after that And a second game mode called Plunder, where you try to make as much money as possible and get out (I think)
  17. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    So who has downloaded the new Free Warzone mode? I'm currently downloading the 85GB of game now, will be interesting to see if the "free" angle helps them take some market share of the BR game mode
  18. WiFi Cameras

    Since Shrive's wanted a post over here rather than just using Discord as it should be used... I will give him something to add to his post count. But on topic... I am looking at getting some WiFi security cameras for a couple of uses around the house. (Watching the 3D printer in the shed, and keeping an eye on the dog) But I don't trust the Amazon Ring cameras due to them having full access to the video, so was hoping for something a bit better. Does anyone have anything that they recommend?
  19. Gaming And Software Sales

    So FS has been given away free on Epic... Who is up for some tractor racing?
  20. Gaming And Software Sales

    I am so up for Farming... as I already own it on Steam anyway... Also with FS19, you can setup multiple farms on the same map, so everyone can have a million $'s to waste on a single tractor to race/smash around the map
  21. I will apologise for missing the fun (again).. Family Christmas and losing track of what day it is between Christmas and NYE, and had no idea it was Friday...
  22. You mean I might have to play PUBG again? My last played date for it is May 2018
  23. I'm assuming Golf with Friends (There must be new maps since we last failed at playing it) How many people have Wreckfest? We could do some demo derby mayhem
  24. Elite Dangerous

    The Vulture is amazing for 1 thing, and that is hunting... Jumping between systems, cargo or anythign else it sucks at. But get it in a situation where you can go hunting pirates and it will just destroy most things with ease. I love my Vulture, but with it being so limited I don't use it as much as I would like. And that paint job looks awesome... I really should jump back in, but time for games seems so small lately.
  25. NBN

    So when are you becoming an English creative arts writing teacher Shrives? Also AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA