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  1. Mouse

    I'm pretty sure Duckz's mice breed faster than actual mice
  2. Elite Dangerous

    I did 2 trips (1 with my Type 6... which I then sold and bought an Asp Explorer for the second trip) So now I have delivered 200 synthetic meats from Ngandins (? or something similar) Gets me into the lowest tier only. Need to make a push to get myself into the next tier.
  3. Elite Dangerous

    I managed to fly myself there... and then I looked to see where I could buy the required stuff. I think I flew past about 3 systems that I should have stopped at. Looks like closest system is about 35ly away that has any of the required supplies.
  4. Welcome Predz

    Welcome Predz. I might even make it back into some ED 1 night... Probably before Shrive's does though
  5. Computer Chair

    http://www.macks.com.au/product/second-hand-mesh-back-office-chairs/ Office furniture shop in Bendigo... apparently it was $125... still bloody cheap though. Hardest part was looking through their stock to find the one in the best condition. I think they are the older Mirra's (By the looks a few years old)
  6. Elite Dangerous

    That looks amazing. I have been getting my brother into it lately... Managed to find a short trade route doing Basic Meds currently where we are buying for 230cr and selling for 4,900cr... And it is a quick trip both ends and only about 7ly between the solar systems. It is very nice making about 460,000cr per trip in my T6 Means we have managed to get him into a Cobra, making the game way more fun for him.
  7. Computer Chair

    I ended up getting a 2nd hand Herman Miller chair... I may look at getting a brand new one next time. So much more comfortable than what I had. And well for the $60 I paid for it it was worth the trial.
  8. Elite Dangerous

    Well I got the Vulture last night. I had forgotten how bloody quick that thing steers, so easy to keep anyone within targetting range. Also I had forgotten just how shits its fuel tank and jump range are... lots of short jumps with lots of fuel scooping. Thanks to @Predz and @TheLaw for the extra credits last night when sharing missions... helped me with getting the Vulture up to a respectable spec.
  9. Elite Dangerous

    Haha... right stay away form the Beluga and stay with my little Dolphin... I kept my Cobra just in case I wanted to do some police following / "helping" I'm thinking I might end up selling the Cobra to get a Vulture as my fighter craft... also at this rate I will never get a bigger ship
  10. Elite Dangerous

    Dolphin is great to fly... and passenger trips make some good money without much fuss really... Managed to make 1.5m last night in 3 trips and about 45 minutes. Only had some fun with my last trip as I took it and didn't realise I was taking a wanted person around the stars... had to keep myself from being scanned, but otherwise nothing worrying
  11. Elite Dangerous

    I decided to try a different ship... I now own a Dolphin... It handles like a dream, too bad it can only have 2 size 1 hardpoints... Now to try my hand at some passenger trips around the galaxy
  12. Elite Dangerous

    Yes supercruise it is, I couldn't remember the name when I was writing that. And mine is without yaw... as I wasn't 100% sure what it was
  13. Elite Dangerous

    Forgot that I had to fly all the way back to Mizar to collect my community goal reward... So that was a fun flight *again*
  14. Elite Dangerous

    Well we all got to the same station (And by all I mean Noodz, Law, Predz and Phobz) Now if Shrive's installs it he can join us (Big IF) And Nev can come join us too... I have more faith in Nev than Shrive's
  15. Elite Dangerous

    I added a couple that didn't have bindings... / - is now bound to 75% thrusters, this is helpful when traveling to planets/stations as this is within the speed zone that you need to be in to jump out of hyperspace. k - is now bound to standard interplanetary thrusters, while J is still the auto select between hyperspace and interplanetary