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  1. Elite Dangerous

    Bahahahahhahaha... gotta wait for the return journey now?
  2. Star Wars: Squadrons

    Yeah, I remember doing random dumb things in Freelancer, and you would be doing something and get told to go somewhere else... And it was like "I am going how far?"
  3. Elite Dangerous

    Absolutely! As long as he doesn't discard me randomly along the way...
  4. Star Wars: Squadrons

    The small squadron sizes were the part that shocked me.. I was thinking 30v30 or something... not 5v5. For me that feels like they are going straight for eSports rather than getting a good game people want to play that morphs into an eSport. To me the flying looks "fine", but that is all, it isn't amazing /spectacular... and agree on the 30 minutes every now and then for a few battles and done with it
  5. Elite Dangerous

    Well I am still docked on the Carrier, so I am good for the full trip
  6. Possible GPU Upgrade

    I ended up sticking with AMD for everything... My system is Ryzen 5 1600x Radeon 5700 XT Looking at upgrading the CPU soon, but still not seeing anything that really hammers it, so haven't bothered.
  7. Battlefield 4

    I'm more shocked that he moved...
  8. Elite Dangerous

    Decided to land on @Predz carrier and go for the trip into the nether... While landing I thought I would get some screenshots of the scale of it. My poor little Python is tiny.
  9. Elite Dangerous

    I may have gone from the Krait Mk2 to the Python today.... Now for more transport runs Still sitting with almost 30mil credits
  10. Elite Dangerous

    Ok can safely say that Tritum trading is a good way to make money... Spent about 3 hours this afternoon trading. Went from having about 16mil and an Asp Explorer to 28mil and a Krait Mk2 So all up I think I made about 50mil
  11. Elite Dangerous

    Yeah I might respec my ship this afternoon and fit it out with more storage again... see if I can figure out this Tritium trading Edit: Or not... game crashed when I was refitting my ship... and now crashes on loading into the starport
  12. Elite Dangerous

    Have my 2 ships over there now, I was only about 10 jumps away. Need to work out what I want to do though... mining is ok, but I find it boring very quickly... prefer jumping and trading
  13. Elite Dangerous

    I'm going to fly my "mining" ship across to LHS 215... that way if I am on at the right time I am nearby at least
  14. Elite Dangerous

    Yeah, I need to look into mining properly, as last time I ever mined it was a couple of years back when it was just a mining laser and manual collection... Now there are multiple mining weapons and limpets... so much new stuff to learn
  15. Elite Dangerous

    Oooo... that looks very nice. I actually jumped on last night and attempted to set a ship up for mining... I failed and now need to modify it... and then learn how to mine again