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  1. Gaming And Software Sales

    And with it being free on there, hopefully there will be a huge influx of players to get shot by
  2. Gaming And Software Sales

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 is currently free on the Epic store... this is the new Battlefront 2 This is also the celebration edition, so it comes with all skins and stuff unlocked I think.
  3. Elite Dangerous

    Thanks for the notification @Predz I will be jumping in over the weekend to shoot some pirates (Or really anyone who moves in front of my lasers)
  4. Your First PC

    In photos of old tech though, my brother and I did manage to dig this box of old stuff out of a shed at mum and dads about a year ago. Everything in there still worked, just had a few cockroaches walking out of the side of everything. This included the original NES, with light gun (Stupid things don't work with LCD tvs), Atari 2600, and a few joysticks for it.
  5. Your First PC

    Ha, remembering what PC's we had is impossible... Although I do remember us getting a 286 in about 1991/92 (I think) for mum and dad to use for keeping track of cattle and stuff on the farm. This was promptly promoted to kids gaming machine and I'm not sure any farm work was ever entered onto it. But we also started with an old Amstrad that had a full green screen, and an Atari 2600. So there was always some type of gaming device in the house Impressive to find the bloody receipt though... who keeps a receipt from 1996, warranty is well and truly void at that point
  6. Elite Dangerous

    So my Vulture might be able to make actual money now... Ooooooo... I might have to look into it again
  7. What time were people planning on jumping online?
  8. I was sitting here today thinking that this was on the 20th and I had missed it... Nope still a few days until I forget about it and miss it anyway (Or you guys spend the whole time playing boring games like BF4)
  9. Cyberpunk 2077

    Judging by Nev's comments I assumed he had had a few drinks and put it down to an old man rant...
  10. Cyberpunk 2077

    It honestly sounds like one of those games where they tested it on 1 set of hardware and went "Awesome it works" and left it at that. What system are you running Ninja? I have heard that ray tracing makes it look fantastic, but also destroys frame rates
  11. Have seen a few people playing Custom PUBG matches lately. Are they available for anyone to make these days? Or do you need to be a streamer/content creator or something? A few of the modes people have been playing look interesting
  12. Grumble grumble grumble... which one then? 3 or 4? I'm not buying 5 to play 15 minutes and never touch again
  13. I am refusing to install a BF game... I suck at them and playing them once a year does not help
  14. Was Mudrunner another we wanted on the list? It is only 4 people to a map though Fall Guys could be fun with a few groups of us playing. If enough people had it Wreckfest would be interesting too... create a private server and go nuts