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  1. The Lord of the Rings And The Hobbit

    I honestly hope it doesn't follow the hobbits too much... they have had 6 movies...
  2. Marvel TV & Cinematic Universe *Contains Spoilers*

    Dr Strange trailer looks very interesting...
  3. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    I am assuming they are on "the list" ??
  4. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    I have read the books (A while ago now and can't remember a huge amount of them) and have watched both series. I am really enjoying the TV series and as much as it doesn't follow what I remember from the books, it still has the Witcher vibe enough that I am happy with it.
  5. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    The naming scheme for that series was horrible... And if memory serves me right, it was Jedi Academy that was played Star Wars: Dark Forces Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  6. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Yeah but KOTOR is better than all 9 movies combined... None of the Star Wars movies are "great"
  7. Gaming And Software Sales

    Is BF2042 worth $59... hmmmm (With $10 voucher it would be $49)
  8. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    When you win a race you do a shoey... its a rule right??? https://clips.twitch.tv/BoringGrotesqueCoffeeEleGiggle-wuKr6ocTvmYR6fM-
  9. Battlefield 2042

    If you paid for FH5 you can play it now... if on Gamepass then another day or so
  10. Battlefield 2042

    I don't think 2042 will be on Gamepass, looks like it will be on the more expensive EA Play plan which doesn't come with Gamepass. I am still on the fence about grabbing it. Like the look of it, and was fun when I played it... but so many games coming out at the moment.
  11. Book Club

    So a list of lists... do you have a list of upgrades to make to your lists?
  12. Battlefield 2042

    It is EA... so yes it will activate on Origin and need both clients open
  13. Battlefield 2042

    Link for those interested https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B096XPWW5P?tag=ozbargain-22&linkCode=ogi&psc=1&th=1
  14. Battlefield 2042

    Nothing stated for EA Play as far as I can find so far. Assume it will be on EA Play Plus for a few months and then move to EA Play at a later date. In saying that $90 is steep, it is currently $62 on Amazon for an Origin code
  15. Battlefield 2042

    I think the biggest problem will be entry cost. Fortnite is free, and PUBG is cheap. $90 to play a BR seems a bit excessive. I know it has hte other mode, but BR's have always been on the lower to no cost end