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  1. Squad

    I'm part of the Alpha testers for Hell Let Loose. First Alpha is running for four weeks. Was suppose to be this week but got pushed back another week due to bugs getting squashed. I'll post back here after I've put a few hours in. I can also capture Video as theres no NDA.
  2. Home Media Setup

    nice choice, let us know what you think when you get it up and running. also make sure you find and try out some calibration tv setup configs on the net.
  3. Duckzys Build Log

    cause they are awesome. thumbs up
  4. Duckzys Build Log

    Than my next tip is change that thing
  5. Duckzys Build Log

    I broke my font i see...
  6. Duckzys Build Log

    One thing Id consider changing would be to swap that Samsung M2 drive back in. I use mine for my operating system and my favourite current games and I never see loading screens and system is up and running in way faster. Great bang for your buck.
  7. Home Media Setup

    I have had a 3D tv for a good while and I've used it about twice since I've had it. I think I've used the Asus 3D monitor I am using to view this about 1% more. I do remember trying BF4 in 3D and that it seemed pretty good but using it in multi player seemed to be a disadvantage or so it felt so I never really tried it again. Pay more for an OLED instead
  8. Home Media Setup

    I still use my Pioneer 55" plasma and its still going great. I have it with a Pioneer LX60 amp that I bought at the same time with Paradigm fronts and centre speakers (shoutout PK), Niles rear speakers in the walls and a big Polk subwoofer. I watched Atomic Blonde last night in 1080p with Dolby HD audio and it still blows me away how good it looks and sounds. I have a Sony in another room with a soundbar and its caulk and cheese to the Pioneer setup. We move to my our new place next May and i can't wait to setup a new tv room. I'm looking at upgrading the tv to a 60" LG OLED. Its smart tv functions look easy to use so I can retire the simplistic WD live box I have now. I mainly just want a good Youtube streamer for the tv as the WD one is pretty ordinary. Never really though about a Nas setup but I think I might in the new place as I expect its the last move I make until retirement I might come and ask for help setting that up next year Whatever you decide Shrive , enjoy the results mate.
  9. Destiny

    Yeah they have one but maybe people just connect in games like Warcraft and Diablo through Blizzards "friends" tab.
  10. Destiny

    Yeah im playing this and its surprisingly good. I had my doubts but after a couple of days playing its really grown on me. Looks amazing on ultra and super sampled and runs silky smooth. Compared to that buggy mess Star Wars Battle Front 2 and trying to join Shrive in the beta or even play they game I've no issues with the game other than no friends in multiplayer. Does Rtd have a Blizzard group?
  11. Mouse

    pretty good price for the Chaos. $160 with delivery for my address in Melbourne https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/logitech-g900-chaos-spectrum-professional-grade-gaming-mouse-910-004609-logitech/?utm_source=getprice&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=getprice
  12. Rising Storm 2

    theres body destruction and using a gun like an Ak47 can kill through concrete house walls close range. Plus you can use guns like Garands, M14's, and the sweet intense rifling with a Mosin in iron sights is back.
  13. Rising Storm 2

    I got into the beta and it's pretty good. When you get a good squad and the commander is also good, its team gaming done real well.
  14. Upgrades

    I have 32gig of ram and its over kill but if you want to get more bang for buck then you could save some money by going 16gig ram and using some of the savings towards an M2 pcie drive. Load your fav games on that puppy and say good bye to loading screens like I have check your motherboard accepts this. It should. Samsung 500GB SSD, 960 EVO Series, m.2 (PCIE), Read up to 3200MB/s, Write up to 1500MB/s, Type 2280 $349.00 https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Hard-Drives-&-SSDs/SSD-mSATA-&-m.2/66025-MZ-V6E500BW
  15. Battalion 1944

    yeah its looks kind of old..might pass and wait for Rising Storm 2