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  1. Apex Legends

    Oh, and you can also respawn dead teammates if you collect a banner from their body and take it to respawners scattered around the map.
  2. Apex Legends

    Played some last night, actually quite fun. It's faster paced than PUBG, very CoD or Titanfall-like in terms of gunplay, which I think caters to my play style a bit better. Squads of three only, as far as I'm aware. Solo play is viable, because the in-game voice chat is half decent, as well as the marking system (press F to place a hostile spot marker, for example). Vertical movement is fun (sliding down inclines, and using ziplines). Makes the game feel actually three dimensional, and makes you feel free. No insta-building cover (apart from the bubble shield ability on one of the classes), which is the reason I don't go near Fortnite. The keybindings don't take much getting used to. Games feel quicker, and lobbies aren't buggy. Queue times for a new match are fast (at the moment at least). When the round is over, it takes about a minute to get back into another game. Solid game in my opinion. Definitely worth playing a few rounds to see if you like it, considering it's free.
  3. No, I was shacked up in a nearby house. Heard a bike, then an explosion. I'm the one looting =D
  4. Fixed. I'm not very good at internet
  5. Apologies for the resolution, but it gets the job done. Love the replay feature, wouldn't have been able to share this gem without it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTxgu6l8kNs
  6. Welcome Yeowie

    Thanks a lot guys, but I have some bad news..... I can no longer afford to buy other people drinks. I fully understand if you wish to revoke my membership.
  7. Public Picture Thread

    This man is in the business of Education....
  8. Oh wow, that revolver looks thicc OwO
  9. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    Season 5 apparently began airtime on November 29th. If you're a fan of Vikings, there's a parody called Norsemen on Netflix. Not everyone's idea of humour (quite British in taste), but I found the first few episodes quite funny. Think of your typical 8th century Viking village, but with a very, VERY politically correct way of going about their borderline barbaric culture.
  10. Public Picture Thread

    Which Yeowie do you feel like today? Currently feeling like a strong 6.
  11. I think I landed near Military Base, ended up at north Georgopol. Heart rate was pretty high up until the final 3 haha. I had a great spot, was just a matter of time
  12. Public Picture Thread

    Sponty has demanded I upload a picture of my puppy. Yesterday she decided to relieve herself on the floor behind me while I was in the middle of a game of PUBG...
  13. Finally got my first solo chicken dinner! That Black_liang guy got pretty robbed, if he's legitimate. Bush-wookie strat worked quite well.