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  1. Movie Club

    Probably a bit late now too, but whilst on holiday I went and saw "A Star is Born", and it was great. Highly recommend and a good movie for the womenfolk to attend with you as well.
  2. Battlefield V

    When Mt Isa in the middle of bumfuck nowhere has NBN before Nhill a mere few hours from major places. The upgrade from ADSL 1 is astounding. 1Gb/s would be insane. It'd become a challenge to see how much data I could use.
  3. Hardware Buy, Swap And Sell

    Yea bring it to PAX.
  4. Hardware Buy, Swap And Sell

    Yea it is different but I'm pretty sure its different in the directions that I want.
  5. Hardware Buy, Swap And Sell

    I'll take the mouse. Keen for the G Pro in wireless.
  6. Windows Sonic And Dolby Atmos For Headphones

    Pretty much what ducks said. Xonar essence stx sound card and some audio technica ath-ad700s or something that costs alot. The best quality drivers are what you're after.
  7. Windows Sonic And Dolby Atmos For Headphones

    I'm still of the opinion that a similarly valued headphone thats a high quality and as close to being monitor as possible will always be better than the same priced "gaming" or surround headphones. Directionally and sound quality wise. Thats probably the Audiophile in me coming out but I'm yet to find many people that can hear footsteps as accurately and as far away in games as I can with my setups. Movies or similar with proper surround mixes and proper surround system setups would be my exception. On that usecase surround sound can be extremly awesome.
  8. Possible New Build

    I don't know. For pure gaming where you don't get benefits from the large core/thread counts the 9600k looks to be awesome value. Basically the same gaming performance as a 8700k/9900k as it has similarly high clock speeds but about $120 less. It comes at the cost of being only 6 cores/6 threads with the 9900k the only one getting hyperthreading now. But if you aren't stressing cpu's with those cpu heavy video editing or something like CAD programs etc you may not see any benefit from the 8700k and up. 8700k does look to be the best all round chip a this time though.
  9. Possible New Build

    ooo theres a G Pro wireless now? I love my wired version. It's become my new favourite mouse.
  10. Possible New Build

    What I went for earlier this year is probably the best bet. A new mb 16gb of ddr4 (some games now I've noticed that ram speed is massive for fps like in pubg) and an 8700k or similar. Pretty much sorted me for next couple generations and stuff like hdds are easy add-ons when they are available at a good price/when you have that $100 left lying around. My 8700k hits 5ghz pretty easily across all cores so they have good headroom for over clocking. I did delid mine too so it stays very cool.
  11. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    Put it on the discord but 3AM AEST Saturday Morning is early access for the pre-order players and Sunday morning for the normies. Tuesday morning will be the end time.
  12. Overwatch

    Thats silly Argentina and its $25, here on sale its $50 at the cheapest prices.
  13. Overwatch

    Oh common Blizzard. WHY!
  14. Battlefield 1

    Oh god please tell me it can't lob Gas furthur.
  15. Battlefield 1

    Overwatch is still only $49 at JBHIFI for you city folks that have them. Could pretty much get both if you wanted to shop around/wait for the next battlefield sale.