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  1. Battlefield 1

    So i bought this game on PS4 because my PC is kaput..... And playing it i wish i spent the $$$ to get A PC for it as i already miss gaming with you all.
  2. Squads

    http://games.on.net/2015/04/squad-hits-1-on-greenlight-and-carries-on-the-legacy-for-the-project-reality-battlefield-2-mod-courtesy-of-unreal-engine-4/ Could be a fun game, looks to me like they're trying to find a niche spot halfway between battlefield and arma in terms of realism.
  3. Heroes Of The Storm

    I am quite thoroughly enjoying this game, and playing it a couple nights a week Koro#6137 if anyone wants to join, would be good to play with yall
  4. Public Picture Thread

    I just woke up and thats the winner of the internet for today.
  5. Grand Theft Auto V

    As i lost my ps3 disc i'll possibly re-invest into this on PC.... could be fun having a crew running aroudn destroying shit
  6. GG GameArena

    back in CoD/UO era the GA community was massive. COGS and teh GA forums were bustling with life. Then only a few years later at the release of CoD4 the... active community had already dropped to about half the levels they previously were. Admittedly it was hard with CoD4 because GA refused to go with promod etc. and ran their own rules, which from memory generated a bit of a backlash... But GA was much bigger than just cod and a few BF games. The CS community was fken huge! (not to mention the billion other game servers htey hosted)
  7. http://www.kotaku.com.au/2014/09/telstra-shuts-down-gamearena-the-servers-and-the-website/ cliffs: Gamearena shutting down on 20th oct. Right in the feels.
  8. ArmA 3

    Count me in, I'm going to try fit some time in this week if i can, maybe friday night too if i'm not off being rowdy and rambunctious.
  9. ArmA 3

    I bought this the other day and getting fairly into it. Got to say, Steep learning curve. Dieing alot is a massive understatement...
  10. Mirrors Edge 2

    i just bought this game on ps3, all the positive reviews make me keen to get stuck into it
  11. ArmA 3

    is anyone still playing this/ is it worth getting? I'm not gaming much atm but wouldn't mind giving it a crack on a lazy sunday afternoon.
  12. Fencer Introduction

    congrats and welcome
  13. Battlefield 4

    You could tell when someone was scrolling though due to the pattern of the bullets fired. the only shit thing about clicking that fast was it made it hard to aim properly >.<
  14. Battlefield 4

    I can click faster than most people can mousewheel, and besides, mousewheel should be jump for bunnyhopping
  15. Selling Some Unwanted Items

    whats postage on the monitor to sydney?