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  1. Anti-virus program

    Thanks for posting this as I've been starting to run into a few issues with my MSE aswell I am starting to notice one or 2 things slipping through, so I might just try Avast for a while and see how that goes. Just a little curious though what's that VM you're mentioning there Shrives?
  2. The Elder Scrolls Online

    +1 for me too!
  3. Welcome Stix

    Welcome Stix I look forward to getting to know you!
  4. Hey everyone thought I would place a post to let you all know that I am back after 4 months! I look forward to being able to catch up with you all! I wish everyone a happy new year, although 2013 wasn't the luckiest of years I hope we all prosper well in 2014.
  5. Welcome Jebusohmighty

    Jebus thankyou for coming back, please don't do it again
  6. Battlefield 4 Screenshots and Vids

    omg I cant believe I am missing out on this.
  7. Hii :)

    I look forward to meeting you mate when I get back!
  8. Origin Account Names

    mine should be hi2kiwi I would double check but I'm still on holiday, cant wait to catch up with you all when I get back
  9. Dayz Standalone

    This will be interesting Ive always wanted to experience DayZ and see what its like, its got quite a reputation to it but ill play it safe and not expect too much
  10. Rome II: Total War

    Don't worry Shrives I'm thinking of getting Rome2 as well , I reckon we can find some time to share a few battles together at least probably no need to see Rome2 burn but I agree that its not really a game we can envelop into a clan game as it is quite limited to multiplayer availability.
  11. New TeamSpeak

    Thankyou for the awareness Vert I will make it a responsibility to logg any down times that occur until notified to not do so anymore. Latest server down upon my remembrance was on the date of 2/07/2013 during the time of 6pm onwards, not sure when the server was back online
  12. Welcome Termii

    Welcome Termii! glad to see you are now officially one of us also glad you made it Ready to start learning master :D'''
  13. Unfortunately I have religious responsibilities that I cannot get out of on that night, so I will have to attend late but Ill stick around to chat, not too sure about staying up for it though, have work the next day
  14. Welcome Termii

    welcome welcome termii!
  15. Game of Thrones *Contains Spoilers*

    Why would Jon Snow ride away without his missus? Negative man points right there, the other Crow obviously would resort to reason first before attempting a fight, but no Mangina takes the win, and ultimate underdog in my eyes, now looks like a Bolero, bad Jon Snow. Jon Snow you have broken both Yngrid and my heart, all for a pretty horse.