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  1. Welcome Monkieyo

    thanks everyone and Veriton i like that
  2. Welcome Monkieyo

    Yay im a member now hehehe >< Thanks to everyone approving me to become a clan member Hope to catch with everyone and also play some games with Other members in the clan i havnt had any chance to play with
  3. BF3 Screenshots and Vids

    wow thats some awesome kills yu did zen
  4. Battlefield 4

    hey guys just a question is battlefield gonna be similar to battlefield 3 and also when does it come out??
  5. Hi Everyone

    lol Shrive.... i dunno i really cant deal with teenagers im more of taking care of little ones
  6. Hi Everyone

    its alright i only want to teach k-3 they are easy to deal with heheheh =]
  7. Hikiwi's Name Change

    yeh i agree with awesome im always gonna remember you as kiwi =] buh however wat name yu gonna pick??
  8. Hi Everyone

    Hi dun you read my intro.... you will need to look for it its some where there look =]
  9. BF3 Screenshots and Vids

    yeh i know i love all the videos they made
  10. Hikiwi's Name Change

    bahahahaha i like all of them i think he should use all of them lol
  11. BF3 - I Didn't Know That

    thats some Great tips i will definitely use them in the games =]
  12. hey guys kiwi wants to change his name, so any suggestion?? it has to have that in it *Zeus* =p monkieyo
  13. Welcome Monkieyo

    thanks again everyone zenneth : yeh sounds good i am looking forward to it.
  14. Welcome Monkieyo

    Thanks everyone =]