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  1. Battlefield 2042

  2. Movie Club

    Dave Chappelle: The Closer is worth a watch if you're into his style of comedy. Had a strong ending.
  3. Battlefield 2042

  4. Battlefield 2042

    Ended up finding time to watch this & yeah mostly agree with what he says. Overall took a bite out of it and it tasted sweet but at the end I was left with a bad after taste. I kind of enjoyed it but I wasn't up late on Saturday night during lockdown playing it. Only did 4 hours in the end which is very low for someone who used to be a huge fan. Oh well I'll just wait till release and if enough clan members are playing I'll reluctantly drop $90 on it. But after saying all that they do have the portal thing soooo... maybe if they have some good servers running like 6+ members in a squad and you don't have identical specialist running around I could see me self getting back into it. Hopefully it is how they advertised it.
  5. Battlefield 2042

    Just in case anyone missed this on discord (also you can do it directly from Origin) RtD>MiniSanders — Today at 2:30 PM open beta for 2 day, if you pre-order you get an earlier 2 days as well If you go to the Steam shop page for it, there is an option there to request beta access which will then let you pre-download the client
  6. Age of Empires and Age of Mythology Series

    Age of Empires IV Technical Stress Test is now available in your library! I'm downloading now.
  7. Gaming And Software Sales

    According to two random articles 3 is the best one. So yes.
  8. Gaming And Software Sales

    Far Cry 3 is free on Ubisoft at the moment. Had to search for it to come up.
  9. Clan Related Video Thread

    The way BP says ... 'Oh my god shrive' is priceless
  10. Battlefield 2042

    Only if you post an epic sniper montage showing that you're a worthy sniper.
  11. Battlefield 2042

    Wasn't expecting this. I guess we will have to bring back Sunday shenanigans....
  12. Battlefield 2042

    Yeah, not sure how I feel overall... Instead of an unnamed soldiers we now have named operators with unique gadgets. (Grappling hook, riot shields, turret, etc...) Bigger maps but smaller squads? Looks like its only going to be 4 in a squad. My favourite battlefield memories are breaking behind enemy lines in a squad of 5 or 6 and back capping. Then holding off the enemy team. The calling in a tank to get airdropped at your position looks cool but just hope its balanced and not call in a drop anywhere any time lol. Oh well will have to wait a see. Hopefully ends up being a good game to jump on with a squad of clannies to have some laughs &/or serious ish games.
  13. Enlisted

    I saw Pewds playing it and he has a link for some free extras. But yeah i'll give it a go.... It's free. https://enlisted.net/en/play4free/?r=utb_pewdiepie_v1#!/
  14. Gaming And Software Sales

    Rage 2 is free on Epic. Its original price is $99.95. Could be good for a free game.
  15. Gaming And Software Sales

    Metro: Last Light Redux is currently free on epic.