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  1. Clan Related Video Thread

    Like & subscribe...
  2. Gaming And Software Sales

    Dying Light Enhanced Edition free on pic
  3. Gaming And Software Sales

    STAR WARS: Squadrons free on pic
  4. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    No didn't read the book but definitely want to. TV show was my foot in the door & then I got the game and played the shit out of it. Mrs saw me put 190 hrs into it and was interested so rewatched season 1 and yeah didn't hold up after experiencing the game lol. Then season 2 .... was okay I think. Now with Henry Cavill leaving and rumours of the writes talking trash about the book & games it's not looking good. Never makes sense to me why people put so much money into something that already has such a large audience and a well written story that everyone likes. Then they run it into the ground. Like how? you literally had it on easy mode!! Leave your ego at the door make a great TV show and after you can do your spin offs with your creativity. If you had any in the first place. Show definitely had a lot of potential & apart of me hopes they sort it out but I know it won't happen.
  5. Gaming And Software Sales

    Fallout 3 free on epic
  6. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Thank you kindly, I needed a new show to watch.
  7. Movie Club

    Top Gun: Maverick - 7.5 Lightyear - 5.5 Thor: Love and Thunder - 5
  8. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Yeah accurate enough
  9. The Lord of the Rings And The Hobbit

    Ohhh.... I am in the mood for a new LOTRs saga! If it ends up not being good do I have to look for a new job?
  10. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    Overall I enjoyed it but gee.. they are really going for quantity over quality lol This kind of sums up how the meetings would go..
  11. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Also finished this yesterday and also enjoyed it. Thank you to who ever mentioned it was $12 on steam
  12. Movie Club

    So are saying Nicole Kidman doesn't ruin it?
  13. Gaming And Software Sales

    Borderlands 3 is free on epic
  14. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    Just going to leave this here. Clan Policy on Glitching, Scripting and Hacking The following is absolutely non-negotiable. Hacking: This clan has zero tolerance for hacking.
  15. Gaming And Software Sales

    Oh man thanks to your post I ended up getting it!!! I was going to pass this time around but I should be able to get my moneys worth when is $44. (Not sure if my $10 voucher turned into a $15 one or if I had an old one)