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  1. Welcome MiniSanders

    I'm not proud of your knowledge of the correct use of the word 'where'. Welcome Mini, I feel like this took longer than the usual 2 weeks! "You must understand, young Hobbit, it takes a long time to do anything in Roll the Dice. And we never do anything unless it is worth taking a long time to do." -Treebeard (2002)
  2. Welcome MiniSanders

    Welcome aboard Mini, I'll be your Drill Instructor for the duration of your trial period, if you have any questions about the process hit me up so I can mutter indiscernibly while I google the answer. As you probably would have guessed the key to gaining entry is to appease Shrives. The easiest way to do this is to open up the history forum, find something written on the 17th page, then comment to him about it next time you chat to him. This way he thinks you read it all. If you haven't already have a read through the recruitment process here and here. As we don't have a current active game we'll organise some Rocket League nights or something simular to satisfy the event criteria but be sure to join the Steam group and tag up. Again, welcome and good luck!
  3. Rocket League

    At least you would have scored... obviously not in their goals but..
  4. Rocket League

    Camera FOV 100.00 Camera Height 100.00 Camera Angle -5.0 Camera Distance 250.00 Camera Stiffness 0.00 Camera Swivel Speed 2.50 Source - https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/3ft5te/kronovis_camera_settings/
  5. Rocket League

    Been watching some guides by Kronovi and wondering if anyones found some tutorials that have been helpful, would love to get a bit more consistency in my game play or even hit the ball occaisionally!
  6. Rocket League

    I'm down for some games of this, haven't played in a few months though
  7. Grand Theft Auto V

    Who's still playing this? Finally got the chance to grab it from my brothers computer so I thought I'd have a crack. Pretty keen to play with people that don't just run me over! Apart from the shittest, most over complicated interface (still can't figure out how to do a simply heist with a mate..), the 5 minute load screens and the game randomly putting me in Story mode, Online mode or random job... I'm really enjoying the gameplay!
  8. Fallout 4

    Glad this wasn't just me!
  9. Fallout 4

    One does not simply 'finsh' Fallout 4! 60+ hours in and have hardly touched the story line, too busy pimping my towns, modding my guns and finding new hotrod flames to paint my power armor! I am having some issues trying to use multiple screens, It doesn't seem to like alt tabbing at all but thats the only issue I've had, gameplay and graphics are amazing
  10. Overwatch

    Closed Beta is live now
  11. Rainbow Six Siege

    Im in, just have no idea what im doing!
  12. Rainbow Six Siege

    Hows this shaping up? Pretty keen to get back into and FPS
  13. which graphics card

    Got the BSOD the other night and when I reloaded I had a cute matrix style animation acoss my screen so I decided it was time to swap out the 680. Picked up a 4g 970 on the way home and set about installing it only to find myself stuck at BIOS with the MB beeping at me repeatedly. 4 hours and alot of swearing later I found all I needed to do was swap the PCI Rom priority in BIOS from UEFI to Legacy..... I have absolutely no idea what any of those things mean but now it works! So if anyone upgrades their Graphics card to the 970 or 980 series and has a simular problem try that early!
  14. Welcome Toddl3y

    Welcome to the home of retired BhR members! Hope all goes well with the recruit tags. -Luda
  15. TPG to buy iiNet (Internode)

    Isn't Iinet a loud voice in the governments 'stop dling pirated movies' campaign? Maybe I'm missing something!