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  1. Roll The Dice TeamSpeak 3

    Hey guys, long time no talk. I'll be back to check in later with you all, but just a quick update. We've changed server and so the IP has changed. New IP is, port remains the same. Cheers!
  2. Roll The Dice TeamSpeak 3

    We're currently transitioning to a new server and as such TS will also be moved to a new server ip which will be until phobos changes the name server details on his end, so if it's down, try that ip .
  3. Xbox One

    Haha nah I have one, was just seeing if anyone else has one that I might be able to play with here and there.
  4. Xbox One

    So, anyone else got one of these?
  5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Level 13 Sith Warrior named Vertlcle . I remember now that I transfered that character to The Bastion but something went wrong and it never made it for some reason.
  6. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Yeah I'm pretty well the same in regards to the subscription. Without the perks that come with, the game just feels unplayable for me. But as I also played it back before it became F2P I'm in the same boat as you. I like the class stories, I just get sick of playing the same old side quests just for leveling. The strongholds expansion looks promising as long as it's done right. I might jump back on tonight, just to see what character I have on The Harbringer and might jump in on a game with you one time.
  7. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    So far I've finished Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight, I've got a Imperial Agent to like level 46 or something and a Republic soldier to like 30 something. Then I lose interest haha.
  8. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    All of my toons are on The Bastion, but I just checked the server status and it says I also have a character on The Harbinger, not sure how or when, but apparently I have one there too. Although I don't play all that often anymore.
  9. Roll The Dice TeamSpeak 3

    The server apparently had a hardware malfunction I was told. So all should be good now .
  10. TitanFall

    I know this is devilry, but I'm playing this on the Xbox One thanks to the GF buying for me and I'm liking it too from the time I've been on it .
  11. TitanFall

    Haha Sponty made a rare funny!
  12. Roll The Dice TeamSpeak 3

    I can connect via the domain only, no port and always have been able to. Tricky has tweaked the ports and I can still connect without port. If people are still having problems, try clearing their caches (cmd ipconfig /flushdns). See if that helps anyone?
  13. Roll The Dice TeamSpeak 3

    Yeah, I'll get Tricky to adjust the firewall settings .
  14. Roll The Dice TeamSpeak 3

    Good to see all is working again .
  15. Roll The Dice TeamSpeak 3

    As far as we can tell it was another TeamSpeak instance I had running for another clan that seems to have been hacked (probably by someone who didn't like to be banned from their server) that unfortunately shut down the entire IP. For now I've requested my server IP be changed as well as an additional IP address that will be dedicated for TeamSpeak as having this IP shut down means I have no work emails on top of everything which is the most annoying part of it all . Once I get the new IP and everything running again, I'll PM Phobos to update the TSDNS so you can connect via ts.rtdclan.net again, but for a day or so you may have to join via the IP. I will update once it's completed, which will more than likely be today and before your 4pm gaming starts .