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  1. Elite Dangerous

    Wow you guys look like you are having fun over there. I'm on my way back to the bubble from the witch head nebula (first expedition).
  2. BP's Hands Holding Things.

    This one will polarize a few....
  3. Pingtest And Speedtest

    Very close to wired connections, bar the ping.
  4. Pingtest And Speedtest

    No Major hub till Sydney, Blacktown was just a random point not even my ISP. This is this evening to Sydney.
  5. Pingtest And Speedtest

    Meh, middle of the day, better than the ADSL2 I had for the last few years (3 X faster)
  6. Upgrades

    Moar Cooling, I am with Rally, dual size radiator would be a good idea, it is a 140w CPU. The Corsair H105, H110i or the H115i depending on what will fit 240mm(H105) will fit in the top but 280mm(H110i and H115i) will fit in the front of that case. M.2 is a new level of awesome and a intel 600p M.2 1TB is $499 it may be with the little extra. Which ever way to go this will be an awesome system.
  7. G'day all

    G'Day Dally, welcome.
  8. Hello Old Friends

    I remember scrimming with you guys back in BF3. RESPECT.
  9. New TeamSpeak

    I can hear it from here, thanks Decro.
  10. Welcome Noods

    Congrats Noods, welcome.
  11. NVIDIA Pascal GPUS

    PK check that your settings in Nvidia control panel (experience) is set to High performance (default is power saving). You could also set the division to high priority in task manager. And finally do not run it windowed it must be full screen. The 1.3 version was were these issues really started to be noticed.
  12. NVIDIA Pascal GPUS

    Mine is butter smooth, try running it to a different hard disk if you have a secondary.
  13. NVIDIA Pascal GPUS

    Called Plays.TV, it works much the same as shadow play digger.
  14. G'day RTD

    Welcome Noods. Don't worry too much about age, there are still a few old warhorses about.