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  1. Overwatch

    I thought these vids had some good suggestions, around team comp and general strategy, that I think could also be applied to other maps.
  2. Battlefield 1

    FrankieonPC has a pretty good take on this:
  3. Overwatch

    I came across a Junkrat double jump guide, which leads to some pretty good flank routes if you're interested.
  4. Overwatch

    I came across this guy's channel which I thought had some pretty good strategies from competitive play. I put the Numbani one below as an example, but he has others on his channel.
  5. Battlefield 1

    I thought these were some funny reactions to the BF1 trailer.
  6. Overwatch

    Looks like the competitive scene is going to be fairly active for this game, at least initially. For ANZ there have already been 2 tournaments run (in the closed and open beta), with 17 teams competing in the most recent one. At the moment there seems to be a few options going forward. Tournaments JAM-Stah Overwatch Weekly - Starting Thur May 26th (Yes two days after launch). From what I can see this will be a single night tournament, starting at 7pm each Thursday. Some matches streamed and minor prize money on offer (free entry, max of 32 teams with 9 currently signed up).Winterwatch - Starting Sat June 4th 10am. This tournament will be held over 3 weeks, but would require playing during the day on either Sat or Sun. Similar setup to the JAM-Stah one. Ladder Cybergamer - has started ladder sign-ups, with 20 teams already registering an interest. This would require a longer term commitment, with a ladder often running for a number of months. We'll see how much interest this game gets internally, however there definitely seems to be a number of options if we end up going down the competitive route for this game.
  7. Virtual Reality

    I wasn't sure where to post it, but thought this new 'sport' was worth a look.
  8. Overwatch

    Found some competitive Overwatch game-play if you are interested. Based on this I should have definitely practiced McCree a bit more
  9. Battlefield 4

    Video on the 'netcode' improvements:
  10. Planetside 2

    I have been playing it a bit recently having not played it since release and it is a lot more fun then a remember. I'm running with the NC mainly as a combat medic and would definitely be up for a group hit out (unfortunately I'm out of action the next few days but will be back after that). There is meant to be a new continent to be released some time in May (unless the release date gets pushed back again).
  11. Battlefield 4

    People are saying the G36C post patch is now one of, if not the, best gun in the game. Basically has the same stats as the M16 in BF3 and is available for all classes. I'll be checking it out.
  12. Ramsay's Psychology

    Yeah, based on this relatively small sample size it looks like the theory that Ramsay's tutor had around the causal like between violent video games and a reduced frontal cortex is not correct.
  13. April Fools 2014 - Operation WoW

    I for one can't wait for Sunday training to change to Sunday 'raiding'. I'll be a level 90 orc in no time. Also nice changes to the website Phobos, I suspect this could lead to clan recruitment growing exponentially.
  14. Ramsay's Psychology

    Baseline Reaction Time: 251ms Correct: %98.7 Time Normal: 862.29 Time Interfere: 1,171.09 Second round (seems to be a bit of variation): Baseline Reaction Time: 260ms Correct: %99.07 Time Normal: 774.52 Time Interfere: 902.69 So are we a clan of psychopaths or what?
  15. Battlefield 4

    Below is an apparent survey being circulated by EA. Not sure how legit though.