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  1. Welcome Stormcrow

    So have I lol
  2. Welcome Stormcrow

    Awesome....awesome, great to have you as my DI mate!
  3. Welcome Stormcrow

    Thanks for the welcome guys, very happy to be part of the family. As for the slabs, me and dip will crack a slab of Carlton and a couple of bottles of Mckenna bourbon and coke for the girls and your'e all more than welcome to come and have a few!
  4. Hello, My name is...Tom

    Lol yep I know that feeling pretty well. Thanks mate. They make great bourbon too
  5. Hello, My name is...Tom

    Ahh great man, yer I'm also a fan of Total War. I used to play Medieval 1/2, Rome and AOE3 religiously lol. And I have been working on Shogun 2 which has been pretty interesting. I did pick up Civ V and IV in the steam sales but haven't been able to play em yet...any good? And I don't have RUSE yet, but it is on my todo list since I have plenty of friends raving about it.
  6. Hello, My name is...Tom

    Lol yer it would appear I would be the 2nd. No I'm not actually Irish but I have a strong heritage from Ireland (both sides of the family) that I'm proud of and like to think I have a bit of the Irish luck Thanks for the welcome mate!
  7. Hello, My name is...Tom

    Hey guys, haha more Minecraftians! I can only hope to one day see the server that Dip was talking about so fondly lol.
  8. Hello, My name is...Tom

    Lol and how could I have forgot about Minecraft! Once my net comes back to life I will install it again.
  9. Hello, My name is...Tom

    I thought I would say hello to everyone and introduce myself involved in RtD, Hello! My name is Tom, 21 from Melbourne Australia. I play a huge variety of games including SC2, TW: Shogun, Battlefield 3, AVP, L4D:2, Minecraft, plus heaps more. So if you are looking for someone to play with or practice against, hit me up. Anyway, I hope to make a few new mates here and play some awesome games with/against you all!