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  1. Cyberpunk 2077

    I put about 80 hours into this purely playing as a stealth assassin, unless I blew my cover then i'd just cut sick and clear the area. fun game. Nothing new though, same old game mechanics, crappy physics, should be called Glitch City, not Night City. Art is amazing though. The amount of work the artists put into this game is mind blowing. Its a just a shame the game engine feels 8 years old or it may have been something great. Not much of an RPG either, but if you look past all the BS its still a fun game. It ran at a smooth 60 to 80 frames on 4K all on ultra settings, but it was running on my workstation with a 5950x and a 3090 so that's to be expected.
  2. Hello Old Friends

    Tjis made me warm and fuzzy
  3. Dying Light

  4. Dying Light

    If I cant trip over the threshold to a simple doorway and break both my legs, causing me to crawl for 3 hours to a hospital looking for morphine, I don't want to play
  5. Dayz Arma Mod - Zombie Survival RPG

    This singlehandedly makes me want to close my business, and come back to gaming with you guys. DayZ and Wasteland are some of my fondest memories. SPONTY!!
  6. CPU And Motherboard Upgrade

    How was Shrive allowed to comment on this thread? There's nothing like a nice fresh Registry. My vote is full re-install.
  7. April Fools 2014 - Operation WoW

    C'mon shrives I cant wait to see some dummy spitting and desperate plea's. bahahahaha
  8. April Fools 2014 - Operation WoW

    Again, I can only say how unbelievably awesome this thread was. Hook line and sinker boys..
  9. April Fools 2014 - Operation WoW

    This is the best clan thread ever. I mean really, it is.
  10. Ramsay's Psychology

    Baseline reaction speed: 234ms Correct: 100.00% Time Normal: 1,174.57 ms Time Interference: 1,183.70 ms
  11. April Fools 2014 - Operation WoW

    I take a bit of a break and jeez.. the place has really going somewhere. I'd like to pay for a lifetime subscription and put me down for a night elf? or something nasty like that.
  12. I'm special.....

    If it's the Ulna Nerve, be REALLY careful mate, I'm doing physio at the moment to release that painful bastard and if not rehabbed correctly its pins and needles in your two smallest fingers and massively reduced grip strength for the medium term. it hurts pretty bad I must say. Gaming really aggravates it, as does using a keyboard. And 180kg Deadlifts.
  13. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    True Detectives. As good, or if not even better than anything I've ever previously watched. Almost gave it a miss due to the lead characters being Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. They absolutely nail it. McConaughey especially. 5th Ep airs tonight.
  14. Video card packed in

    I've spent a considerable amount with them over the years, and had nothing but amazing service, turnaround times and quality product. The only gear I've had fail was a GTX 580 I bought at an ARC Computers locally.
  15. Video card packed in

    Getting there Buddy! When you guys saw me after my hand had healed I was only 77 kg, last night I weighed in at 89 kg.