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  1. Mass Effect 3

    mate its been so long I forgot I started this thread congrats on finishing shrives almost in time for mass effect 4 to come out
  2. NBN

    so received a email/text message from TPG today that they have given me 6 months of ultra NBN for free for some reason not going to knock these numbers back... and I thought 100mbps was fast
  3. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    yeah using a acer predator 34" ultrawide now. not as much side view but easier on the graphics card and better for everything else. (3 monitors is a pain for normal life) ideally would love to go VR but the graphics in them is to low for my liking
  4. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    haha always love me some dirt rally. (dirt rally 2 is even better! ) as it happens this was testing my first ever sim rig I built (nothing compared to my current one ) same stage as the dont cut video (2:16 in this one) set the 21st fastest time in the world in this run, think from memory i had the 5th or 6th fastest time on this stage
  5. Movie Club

    watched this on the weekend and thought it was fantastic!
  6. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    found this pretty funny
  7. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    completed it over the weekend really enjoyed the game and would recommend lack of auto travel was painful at times as you have to go back over the maps several times as you power up to get all the hidden crates ect so a lot of time wasted running around particularly on Dathomir and the maps are pretty big there is no planned dlc from what i have read so longevity after initial play through is limited.
  8. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    looking forward to this
  9. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    looks pretty good!!!
  10. VR Zone Shinjuku Tokyo

    lol if it was a brag i would have mentioned we have NO kids for 2 weeks and its been bucketing down snow as well BP a long shot here i know but what i was really hoping to find out from someone that isnt a youtube try hard was if it was worth the money or just a PAX VR experience from a gamer perspective.
  11. was curious if anyone has had the opportunity to visit the VR zone in Shinjuku Tokyo i have a 1 day 2 night stop over next weekend before we head off snowboarding and thought it looked like some fun. specially the ghost in a shell game. although looks expensive for what it is https://vrzone-pic.com/shinjuku/
  12. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    ROFL that was awesome Law havnt seen that show before might have to watch a few more
  13. Battlefield V

    so was thinking about how it might be possible to have a clan game of bfv. if we went into a server with a small amount of people in it. 4 people start together so they are on the same team then each leave that squad and make a new one theoretically new people should be able to join the game via friends and end up in the new squads with that person and all end up being on the same team? anyone tried anything like this wonder if it worked would sides change after the first round
  14. Star Wars: Battlefront II

    just started playing the single player campaign couple of weeks ago as it was included in the origin premium sub. 50% of the time the game wont even load to the start screen for me. not sure it like my monitor settings had a glitch where you couldn't complete a mission (to land on the hanger bay) without turning off a random setting in your controls as it made your tie fighter crash and blow up every time. after what seemed like 50 attempts and significant time searching how to fix it managed to get through it finally. so pretty glad i didnt waste real money on it. that said i have enjoyed it the small amount of time i could actually play it. ps havnt bothered with mp as figured no one was playing it
  15. Battlefield V

    a little bit long but pretty interesting video on some issues with BFV regarding TTD and netcode