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  1. Star Craft 2

    +Id be in (though am in fact terrible)
  2. Bioshock Infinite

    I enjoyed the DLC, but for about 90 mins of game play it might be a little overpriced
  3. Very lucky none of the hail dropped over me then, didn't realize it was that big.
  4. Battlefield 4

    GG's review of BF4 is up. Looks like there is a ton of game play footage mashed together from various different places. Not sure if we are in there at all or not
  5. Payday 2

    Been watching some lets plays of this and it looks pretty fun - which is why i'm now downloading a copy. So feel free to spam me with game invites etc (although i'll have zero idea what i'm doing) and i'll play when i can
  6. DotA 2

    Which is a fair point. Mostly i made the switch because people i know IRL are more into DOTA than LoL [Edit] When i say made the switch, I still hardly play either. Just Dota2 slightly more [/Edit]
  7. DotA 2

    Giving this a light bump. I've just started getting into this (and am therefore terrible) Anyone else playing much at the moment? Would be good to have someone to carry me through a game
  8. Dragon Age: Inquistion

    This cannot come out fast enough
  9. migit (I'm not sure they change during the migration?)
  10. Xbox One

    Yeah, I might have just read the last page of this thread then tried to contribute. Did not work out for me.
  11. Xbox One

    http://news.cnet.com/8301-10805_3-57590 ... es-policy/ Essentially Xbox have changed their mind about the whole DRM thing.
  12. Bioshock Infinite Spoiler DIscison

    So the choices you make don't affect the story (and really with a story this complex how could they) mostly they are there to tie you emotionally into the game. For example I didn't throw the ball at the couple, and when i bumped into them later I was actually happy to see i had helped them escape. That's probably under five minutes of screen time, but I was genuinely involved regardless which is impressive. As for 'liz powers origin i didn't see an in debt discussion about it and was wondering on your guys theories? My leading one so far: There is the voxophone early in the game referencing 'a part of her in the other world' I took this to be a reference to her severed finger. With part of her physically in the other world the tear could never fully close., and she learned how to open it. Given enough time She expanded this power to what we see in the game. As for the multiple universes, i'm inclined to agree with blue slightly, given there are multiple universes it seems likely that in some of them Booker fails. It's true that by drowning at the end we solve many of the ties to constad, but while there are a lot of liz's at that final scene, there are not really a lot compared to the number of worlds we now know exist. So yes there are world in which we failed, or columbia never existed. This in turn is what I took the visit to rapture to mean, while the fact it was rapture was obviously a tip to us as fans, the timeline itself suggests a world where similar choices were made (as vulc points out the bones of story are very similar) but the choice was mad to run to the ocean not to the sky (this could mean in that world the lutrecs failed, and the balloon technology wasnt invented Hence no tears). It's also worth noting that we have no way of knowing which universe we actually saved. When we are taken to see old 'liz she is wearing the brooch we picked on the beach (coincidentally i chose the bird). The liz we then rescue and finish the game with is not seen to be wearing it (at least that i saw). To my mind this would suggest that we are sent back in time and shifted universes again by old liz. So the New York that this booker comes from presumably has been destroyed. All of that said (and I must apologize for the waffle but it is very hard not to rant about this game once i start) is that the multiple universes are not the point. The story is about Booker and Liz. In at least one of these universes you did win, you did save them and it did work out.
  13. Assassins Creed 3

    so does this one seem worth it? i haven't bothered to play an assassins creed since the first Etsio game. (so two?). While they are kind of fun, i always found the missions a little repetitive
  14. Hikiwi's Name Change

    i wish to change my name to Zeusberries
  15. Bioshock Infinite

    strictly you don't need to have played one or two, it's not a direct sequel. And i agree entirely with blue, people should play this game. Also, has anyone finished it yet? I finished it today, and feel the need to talk about the story