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  1. BP's Hands Holding Things.

    How do we know this is BPs hand?
  2. WiFi Cameras

    I have a Swann home security system. It comes with an App that I login to on my phone and see the what's going on
  3. NBN

    If they ever get rid of cable I'll refer to this thread for inspiration and hope
  4. NBN

    Is it sad that when you opened with 'So I have a new saga' that I rubbed my hands with glee and anticipation?
  5. NBN

    Does 88k even make a dent to telcos?
  6. Star Trek

    All I will say is that the 'gay couple' story line and Ash story line continue and season 2 gives some more answers
  7. Star Trek

    I enjoyed season 2 of discovery, it got dull in a few spots but feels like it setting up for some good stuff. I am looking forward to watching Picard
  8. I'm still around not gaming online much just been playing some solo/indie type games. Good to see you're still alive Fishy
  9. Battlefield V

    Do you mean load out? I'm sure you can as I have been. Your load out seems to change between teams, such as Brits or Germans though
  10. Battlefield V

    I'm really liking the game so far. I'm glad I ended up buying it as after the beta I was pretty hesitant. I think having a new pc with a bigger screen has made the game more enjoyable.
  11. NBN

    I had issues with iinet when I first got my cable connected. The technician couldn't' come out on the scheduled date due to scheduling error that was a month after I had moved and initially contacted them. I was then required to contact them to rescheduled and they gave me a date a further 2 months from that. I then cracked it and got angry and I had a technician at my house 10am the next day. Don't know how that happened. But iinet arn't the best with connection.
  12. Pingtest And Speedtest

    Thought I would share mine to
  13. Bixby.

    I put a case on my phone and I find that I don't hit the button while the case is on. This case specifically The case has a textured button for bixby and requires more force to activate while its on, hence I dont hit the button. hope that helps
  14. Post Your Gaming Rig Specs

    Presenting Ramsay's new build As of last week I am back on a desktop PC, after my laptop died. See pictures of the PC and the Setup Thanks to duckz help my specs are as follows CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600Mobo: MSI B450 Tomahawk MotherboardGPU: MSI 1070ti RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 3200 MHzCooler: Stock PSU: Seasonic Focus GOld 650W Storage Main: Samsung 970 EVO M.2 500gb Storage 2nd: Segate Barracuda 2TBCase: Thermaltake Versa J24 (RGB edition) Keyboard: Logitech G512 Carbon (thanks Shrive) Mouse: Razer Deathadder Headset: Sennheiser GSP300
  15. XBOX Vs. PS4

    Go to a weapon shop and you can set your default weapons. So when you get off ya horse you have the weapon you want. Took me a while to realise. Also yay to PS4