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  1. Rising Storm 2

    Got it! Only been waiting 20 years for something like this!
  2. circa 90's - 2017: choking the chicken
  3. Public Picture Thread

    Only one???
  4. Battlefield 1

    Tail gunners be like (stolen from facenook)
  5. Battlefield 1

    deluxe and collectors get 3 days early access. standard has to wait till 21st
  6. Battlefield 1

    new gun challenge inc...
  7. Battlefield 1

    I've been out of the loop and missed the beta. Why the lukewarm reception? Not quite what you expected?
  8. Battlefield 1

    dem feels
  9. No Mans Sky

    So is indicating that a repetitive game by it's very nature is...repetitive. Bravo!
  10. No Mans Sky

    Which could be said for every game ever.
  11. No Mans Sky

    Anyone getting dis?
  12. Pokemon Go

    They guys who made this are the guys who made ingress . only this has pokemon so if anything it would be less vapid as it has more character?Havnt played either tbh. ^ dis Ingress at least requires teamwork, strategy and coordination to do well. Having said that, p-go seems to keep the fans happy.
  13. Pokemon Go

    Try Ingress, not as vapid.
  14. Scrap Mechanic

    Yeah you can start your own server and invite people. Private or public. Finally made a reliable off roader Though some of the stuff people are coming up with is insane!