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  1. you got any dem cod4 files shrives
  2. The Wolf Among Us

    Yeah I feel like they took too long with wolf among us. Not sure if I can get hyped again
  3. Pingtest And Speedtest

    came here to show off. we sad now bois
  4. Helping a fwend

    I wore blueberry like a hand puppet and he was just too much for me
  5. Helping a fwend

    Here i thought you would be happy to see me Shrives. Yes good good. Broken hand so typing like a numpty for a few more weeks. That would work Decro. How much would you want for it? Honestly any reason to go back to NZ is a good reason.
  6. Helping a fwend

    Hello fellas A friend of mine is after a second hand graphics card for 3D rendering for his CNC machine. He has asked me to help him as he knows nothing about computers. Anyone got a half decent card floating around on the cheap? Basically needs more than 400 cuda cores and other than that it doesn't matter too much. Also how is everyone? Has been a while!
  7. Metadata Laws

    So those who do have a VPN. How's Netflix go? Any recommendations? Yes I am alive.
  8. The Witcher 3

    You guys never came back after seeing me in the corner
  9. Alien Assault

  10. Rage's Going Away Sale

    That is the router i was going to buy BUT i have no money at the moment haha . Shrives want to shout me?
  11. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    First they move in then they take your jobs shrives. Better watch out mate.
  12. Heroes Of The Storm

    Looks interesting. I'm not sure how all the changes from usual MOBA's will go BUT there has only been one I have actually liked so far. The changes could be a good thing!
  13. TitanFall

    Well thanks to my awesome internet speeds I will have to wait till at least tomorrow night anyway! I might be using dat VPN do!
  14. TitanFall

    Wait dont we have to wait till the 13th to play?