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  1. No Mans Sky

    Yeah I was really looking forward to this game for a while but with the current price tag I don't think it's worth it for the amount of content. I think it's worth waiting for a steam sale or some DLC as it's only single player so there's no rush to play.
  2. Public Picture Thread

    Haha I use a leaf blower to clean my pc too. Best thing is that the air pushes the fans up to crazy high rpm and the come out wicked clean. Good for cleaning out the power supply too! ...I'm sure its not good...But it still works!
  3. Star Wars: Battlefront

    I've really enjoyed playing this! I'm impressed by seriously smooth movement and gun fighting. The Hoth map is huge and I like that they've left it all open so that you can climb mountains or hide behind enemy lines. The graphics combined with the sounds of blasters, AT-AT cannons and X-wings makes the gameplay absolutely fantastic and quite immersive. I agree with Phoby that the air vehicles are too hard to turn. I ended up just swapping over to the xbox controller when I'm in the air and it makes it a lot easier. I'd love to see a server browser but I'm sure we won't see one. Also, I don't think the cycler rifle is that crazy, especially if you're using the personal shield for when an sniper lands a body shot and tries to follow up. It makes for an easy win when the majority of the enemy team are sitting in hills with snipers anyway! I might jump on TS for some star warring if anyone is keen.
  4. Roll The Dice Clan History ~ Volume 13

    1. Playing Arma II until 6am every night with the arma lads for far too many consecutive nights. 2. WoW raiding when nev was raid leading 3 bottles of wine in. 3. Listening to Blue's numerous informative talks on the health benefits of kegels. 4. Sending tanks and hmvs flying through the map in BF3 with buttloads of C4 during our anniversaries/christmas 5. Phoby being a black guy for a couple of days was nice too
  5. Yep I've got a commodore too and my unlock button is all worn away. I just jammed a ball bearing in there and taped it in. Modern day macgyver.
  6. Grand Theft Auto V

    Those $13 keys are probably all the hacked accounts people have been complaining about being sold off too. The invincibility hacks are annoying but how about those world record race times hey... 0.001 seconds per lap...ok, guy.
  7. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Yeah it's definitely not mouse smoothing, I'd shoot myself if I didn't check that first Vulc and I tried some of the coop wave style gametype and it was really fun. Seems much more enjoyable than zombies even if it is a bit repetitive. It would be cool to get a group of 4 to try and smash it out on a really high difficulty.
  8. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Yeah I saw that and tried it and it may have helped, not sure if it's just a placebo effect though. I've also changed some settings in the config files which people recommend. And while I run the game I have the polling rate on my mouse lowered to 125 which is said to be the biggest fix. Aaaand I also have some launch settings set up in steam which are supposed to help too. Lowering the polling rate definitely made an improvement but it's still there. I put in a few hours last night and the game's actually fairly playable it just took some time adjusting. I may have jumped the gun a bit in my fiery rage (heh) at the mouse skipping. The gameplay is actually quite fun! it's a much harder game though which I found refreshing as most cods are quite easy to play, which is probably what makes them a bit boring. I'd give it between a 6/10 or 7/10, I'm not really sure yet. If you like how it looks, the PC port isn't THAT bad it just requries a few workarounds (well for some people at least).
  9. Overwatch

    Looks like blizzard is trying to get one game in every genre. They're making an FPS Also, holy shit Blizzard make amazing cinematics.
  10. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Yeah it's not really a problem with mouse stutter. It's more of a problem with the spikes in mouse sensitivity when the mouse is swiftly moved across the mousepad, making aiming anything but predictable. Here's an example to make it easier to see (but imagine this is happening everytime you try to turn more than 90 degrees):
  11. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    After watching many hours of twitch streams and many more reviews, I thought "hey they might have actually made a good one" and decided I would grab this. I regret it. It's such a terrible console port that it still has that shitty mouse skipping where if you move your mouse quickly it will move much further than if you moved it slowly. This is that f***cking console feature for all the first person shooters to help make use of the joysticks easier when turning. So far there isn't a fix for it either (and I tried every suggestion), making the gameplay just feel 'gross' as it's impossible to be precise. Seriously it's so hard to aim at anything. Obviously the lack of dedicated servers are a pretty big issue but I suppose I knew that prior. I actually found a screenshot of a dev promising dedicated servers in october this year which I thought was pretty funny. The game seems alright and I'm sure it would be fantastic on consoles, but holy shit the mouse movement feels so disgusting on PC. Hopefully some patches are released to help smoothen up the gameplay but until then I'm feeling regretful for wasting $50. /rant
  12. World of Warcraft

    Yeah I saw this and changed immediately. It sure is nice to finally play something that isn't frost. Also, regarding the hunter nerfs, people are saying that hunters are back to their usual 'new expansion level of op' in WoD beta and that it's just the pre-patch that has wrecked them. I'm definitely looking forward to competing for quests against hunters and rogues again...
  13. World of Tanks

    It's $2 DLC off steam