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  1. Sorry I couldn't make it ppl, I still have no broadband (money restraints) would have loved to catch up with you all but unfortunately all I have is my 2gb tablet internet

    sorry Nev, a late happy birthday
  3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

    simply LOL
  4. Welcome Pritchard

    Welcome into the fold young squire, seriously wth am I smoking lol
  5. Assassins Creed 3

    I pre ordered limited edition from eb with statuette, artwork, collectors box and unlocked content for $109.00
  6. Welcome Zygurt

    or just Yo! Welcome aboard mate
  7. Im Back

    Lol Shrivesy, still a stickler for shuts and giggles. Better fix ya tags hairysoap or he might revoke ya membership lol
  8. Tablet and Phone

    Certainly had a good giggle over bp and blues internet argument. Was well worth the read good the laugh
  9. Just would like to say welcome all new members and recruits. I know I have not been around much as of late (due to very strenuous personal reasons), but I will be lurking in the backgrounds of these forums. I do not know when I will be back into the gaming side of things as trying to maintain the single father status is not an easy task, but if you do have any questions don't be afraid to fire them my way if you cannot get a hold of the more active senior members and or founders/admin
  10. It's been an awesome adventure....

    No not another fellow serviceman to depart, This is terrible news for the clan. I too have not seen ya on for a while, i'm not scrimming much or dedicating my time to FPS either (but i stay for the social atmosphere and to help keep the younger ones in line LOL). Stay in touch and don't be a stranger
  11. Welcome Stormcrow

  12. YouTube Video Thread - Part 1

    i actually googled that word, and i still dont get it. LOL Nev words from Uni Students would confuse old rev heads (I had to google it to although i used wiki and understood the terminology)
  13. Welcome Scarecrow

    Speak for yourself loony, i'm not nuts I'm totally screwed up and welcome aboard matey
  14. Welcome Jibada

    Velcome - Mwahahaha!!!!
  15. Welcome Phobos

    Its alright BP we'll just perform an exorcism, and welcome Phobos or is it Lucifer?