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  1. HomeFront

    how many countries can invade the US of A http://www.homefront-game.com/#/home
  2. The Pacific

    Well, i just finished watching the first two episodes of speilberg and hanks new installment the Pacific. Overall im really looking forward to the DVD release!!!
  3. Hi all, long time no game!! I hope everyone is going well.. Its been too long between games for me. On that topic, I am looking at upgrading my laptop and am looking to spend approx 2500 give or take. Its been so long that I am a bit outdated as to what is out there. What I do know is that i'd like something that can play a decent game on it like total war rome 2!! I have been looking at the new alienware 14 at 2599$ but if anyone else can point me in the direction of something similar in specs but cheaper im all ears. Hopefully once i get onto something a bit better than what i have i might be able to jump on every now and again for a quick game
  4. Upgrading the laptop

    thanks heaps for that mate think i might give this one a go and see how things pan out. Cheers
  5. Upgrading the laptop

    Thanks Nev, yeah current laptop was bought on a budget and is a HP...Have had nothing but trouble ever since i got it home. Nice one about the wine tasting, I must admit with every year getting older my pallet is enjoying the red more and more. Ballarat has finally got a few good wine bars now which are nice to visit on a Friday night after work, makes a change from all the pubs (no bad thing about that also!!)
  6. Upgrading the laptop

    Ha nice one bp, I must admit its very tempting to look at building a system similar to yours MS but alas i wouldn't be able to lug it into night shift . I cant wait for the new total war i have it pre-ordered and ready to go so just need to get something decent if possible that will run it smoothly. I have been well, very busy with work, life etc... I don't get too much spare time anymore and when i do I rarely get the chance to have a game even on this shitty laptop i have at the moment. Hope all is well with family and your enjoying the school holidays!! Will you be coming back to Ballarat again to compete in the teachers games??
  7. Rome II: Total War

    About time!! cant wait for this one- Rome total war being the best total war game in the franchise in my opinion will have to keep a look out for this for sure !!
  8. Well hello all, It has been some time since i last visited RtD forums. I must say i do miss you all and still often have a chuckle at the good ole times!! Whilst i have been absent from competitive gaming (and most other gaming to be honest) I have found some enjoyment in the odd spare time for the Mount and blade:warband game. Recently they have released a new dlc from steam for a MP in the Napolionic era. I loved it as it really brings about the realism of how warfare was fought in the 18th century. Whilst the graphics are not comparable to cod black ops and the like i really think that the realism of this mod really brings it up to the like of ARMA and other combat sims. It is not a game for all but for those who enjoyed world at war realism mods and RO they might find similar enjoyment with this game as well. And hey who doesnt love a blackguard scots yelling at the top of his lungs whilst charging a battalion of the line with 18 inches of steel!!!
  9. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I'd definitely look into this if it become free to play as I hate monthly subs I would not mind if it there was a once off payment but I couldn't see one ?
  10. Red Orchestra 2

    i must say even im getting interested now, i loved the cod w@w realism mods. I have just downloaded the red orchestra from steam and i must say for an older game its still great fun!!
  11. Band of the week

    Little Red: is a rock and roll band from Melbourne, Australia consisting of Adrian Beltrame (guitar, vocals), Dominic Byrne (guitar, vocals), Quang Dinh (bass, vocals), Tom Hartney (vocals, tambourine and harmonica) and Taka Honda (drums). The band's music has been described as similar to that of The Beach Boys,[1] in that it is old-fashioned rock and roll with all members except the drummer contributing to both lead singing and harmonies The band was formed in 2005 and were featured on Triple J Unearthed.[3] The band won the 2008 Australia-wide 'Garage to V' competition held by Virgin Mobile to win a slot at all shows of the Australian V Festival in 2008,[4] while the band has also performed at the Falls Festival, Meredith Music Festival, the Big Day Out, the Pyramid Rock Festival and the Laneway Festival. Little Red's songs "Waiting", "Coca-Cola" and "Witch Doctor" have all received regular play on Australian nation-wide radio station Triple J,[5] while "Coca-Cola" was also included on the official soundtrack of Australian TV series Underbelly, and was voted #47 on the 2008 Triple J Hottest 100. The band independently released in Australia an album entitled Listen to Little Red on 28 June, 2008,[6] which debuted at number 29 on the ARIA Charts.[7] The album was licensed for release outside of Australia by the UK independent Lucky Number Music[8] and was released on November 16, 2009 in the UK and early 2010 internationally. In September, 2010, the band released a second album, Midnight Remember, featuring their latest single, "Rock It".
  12. Band of the week

    Apologies for the very long wait in between postings but have had some issues with my laptop and have only just got i back from HP The Jezabels are a four-piece musical group from Sydney. They formed after meeting at the University of Sydney. Their music is hard to define into one specific genre, and has been described as a blend of indie pop, indie rock, rock, and disco pop.The Jezabels themselves, somewhat jocularly, describe their genre to be "intensindie". Band members- Hayley Mary – vocals Heather Shannon – piano/keyboard Nik Kaloper – drums Samuel Lockwood – rhythm guitar The history: Hayley Mary (vocals) and Heather Shannon (piano/keyboard) first began playing together in Byron Bay before moving to Sydney to attend university, where they met Nik Kaloper (drums) and Sam Lockwood (rhythm guitar), and formed the band. They have so far released a trilogy of EP's: The Man Is Dead (2009), She's So Hard (2009), and Dark Storm (2010), (see Discography). They are currently in the process of writing a full length album, which should be due out sometime in the middle of 2011. They have received a substantial amount of airplay, including on Sydney's FBi Radio and national youth broadcaster Triple J. On the 22nd December 2009, they were the Triple J Unearthed featured artist. They have also received airplay in the United States, where in August 2009, they debuted at #114 on the CMJ top 200 and reached #96 for the single Disco Biscuit Love.[10] Their She's So Hard EP was the #3 most added on US college radio. "Disco Biscuit Love" was featured as the iTunes (Australia) single of the week in the first week of July, 2009. The single "Hurt Me" was featured as the iTunes (Australia) single of the week in the third week of February 2010, and was traxxRADIO's number 1 track of 2009. The Jezabels had two songs featured in the Triple J Hottest 100, 2010. "Easy To Love" came in at number 49, and "Mace Spray" at number 16. They were nominated for Best Breakthrough Artist and Best Single / EP at the 2010 Independent Music Awards. Well until next time
  13. Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Thats ok Shrives ill be your mate and come join the light side!
  14. Band of the week

    Sure mate ill do that asap. Saw them live a few years back before they were big at a Josh pyke gig in ballarat. Not bad indeed.
  15. Band of the week

    Really like this guy, tried to find a video of my favorite song of mine but seems it does not have one yet. Its called 'continue calling' if you want to try to find it. Enjoy
  16. Band of the week

    Jonathan Boulet: Jonathan Boulet ( pronounced: bull-lay) is an Australian folk-pop musician. Boulet wrote, recorded, produced and played almost every instrument in his small garage studio for his debut self-titled album. Jonathan Boulet played at the Splendour in the Grass music festival in July 2010. He has also toured and performed with acts as diverse as Kate Nash, The Middle East, Tame Impala and Mumford and Sons. The weekly feature album on Australian youth radio station Triple J was Boulet's debut album in December 2009. He is also a member of Sydney indie rock band Parades, in which he plays drums and contributes vocals; as well as power violence band Snakeface, in which he plays bass. The phrase “jack of all, master of all” isn’t exactly one that gets bandied about, but is one that may well apply to the most recently inked player in the Modular clubhouse, Jonathan Boulet. A precociously inspired 21-year-old skate rat from Sydney’s northwest, Boulet makes a brand of ceremoniously uplifting, deeply colourful pop that sounds like something for which you’ve been searching but never thought you’d find. Jonathan Boulet is the 20 year old Australian wunderkind whose music is both poignant and intelligent, but with a beauty so sincere it feels like a crime not to embrace. Boulet writes anthemic folk-pop born out of a world of endless campfires and tribal jam sessions.
  17. Band of the week

    Thats what i like to hear Blue i love introducing new bands to people
  18. Band of the week

    Also note that the second video is a cover they did of a crowded house song!!
  19. Band of the week

    Oh Mercy: h Mercy are a band from Melbourne, Victoria that formed in 2006. Alexander Gow and Thomas Savage, the duo at the heart of Oh Mercy, blend evocative and intelligent lyricism with a strong pop sensibility on their debut album Privileged Woes, showcasing the depth of the young songwriters polished pop brilliance. Following on from their successful debut EP ‘In The Nude For Love’, ‘Privileged Woes’ was recorded in the spare room, the size of a single bed, by Myles Wootton (The Panics) - the band literally had to put the mattress against the wall to record. The album was then mixed by Matt Voigt (Cat Power, The Dirty Three, Paul Kelly) and mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound, New York (TV on The Radio, The Strokes). 2009 saw Oh Mercy hand picked by Ben Folds to play the Sydney Opera House & chosen to tour with Little Birdy, Lisa Mitchell, Kaiser Chiefs and Ben Kweller. Oh Mercy headlined their national ‘Privileged Woes’ album launch tour, selling out shows all over Australia. They then played their last club shows for the year, co-headlining with The Veils before heading out to celebrate summer on the festival circuit including Meredith, Falls, Sunset Sounds, Southbound. Already in 2010, Oh Mercy have played the Big Day Out and Laneway Festivals, travelled to America to play shows in LA, NY & SXSW and have just been announced on the UK’s Great Escape festival in May. Privileged Woes features the current radio singles Seemed Like A Good Idea, Lay Everything On Me, Get You Back and Broken Ears. Rolling Stone have described Oh Mercy as “…the freshest, smartest song-writing partnership since the Finn brothers” Personal Note: i got their latest album a month ago and im still flogging it!! Love it!! Enjoy
  20. Band of the week

    Well its back finally!
  21. Ill try to make it for some of the shenanigans but illl be switching over to wireless inet soon so that might make things iffy lol
  22. Settlers

    sorry mate i dont have that game and seeing as i will be selling the rig i dont think ill get the chance to have a crack at it. Have fun
  23. For Sale

    Hey all, due to power reasons ( moving into a solar powered house) i will be advertising my 'Rig' on ebay for sale, and will look at purchasing a notebook. Ill leave an exfire RIg upload here in case any one is interested in putting in a offer i will be posting it up in on week to give anyone a chance if they were interested. Just send me a PM if your interested and we can take it from there Manufacturer: Owner Processor: Intel® Core i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.8GHz Memory: 4096MB RAM Hard Drive: 299 GB WD VelociRaptor (150GBx2) Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series Monitor: Acer 19" Sound Card: Speakers (High Definition Audio Device) Speakers/Headphones: logitech Keyboard: Logitech Wave keyboard Mouse: Logitech G500 Mouse Surface: steel series Q+ Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.110408-1633) Motherboard: Asus P7P 550 LE Computer Case: casecom airforce Power supply: Antec 750 Cheers, Bondy
  24. For Sale

    thanks all for the bids, does that include by the hour or an all night session??
  25. Total War

    yeah its visually great, game play is much easier than last two titles thats for sure. Look forward to sinking in some more hours into this one