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  1. COD : WAW blow the dust off

    I think i might have confused people, the above is not a mod at all,stock maps, no mod,just rules on game play
  2. COD : WAW blow the dust off

    Na MS i don't have that one, but i look forward to a few games of the older COD's. Hope to be on this weekend for a few.....good to see everyone.....wow uncle Krak
  3. Hi all, whats happening ,been playing a few rounds of COD WAW on a tactical crouch TDM server, dosent sound like much fun but it is.They are very strict about no running ,blind nades,camping etc and the idea is to keep pushing forward to flip the spawn, and it make's it a very sneaky game.Even though my ping is around 220 and being a good old game there is not really any lag, The sever is 10th tacticalTDM and they are really friendly...So dust off ur copy of WAW and give it a crack And just to show i have been flying the flag
  4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    I am with Duckz, WAW was underated infact i have had a few games of late
  5. Howdy

    Hey Penny and everyone else for that matter, this thread appears to have dragged everyone one out from their cave's
  6. Welcome Richo

    Welcome richo
  7. Welcome Jebusohmighty

    welcome mate
  8. Welcome Rage

    welcome and gl
  9. Welcome Ruski

    Grats and welcome
  10. Welcome Nut

    welcome mate
  11. Welcome Gonfuzza

    Welcome and gl
  12. Welcome Stix

    welcome mate
  13. g'day guys

    Hey Wunny,good to hear from you...see you for a game or 2
  14. Happy Birthday Duckz!

    Have a good one mate.....enjoy your naming day
  15. Looks like a good night , will try to catch up next one