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  1. That was a fantastic effort by the 3 of you to make it across that field at the end.
  2. Overwatch

    This is always you Blue.
  3. Overwatch

  4. Overwatch

    That is something I would have done. hahaha
  5. DotA 2

    Sorry Sponty, but I doubt that you will get any one to play much Dota at the moment, while everyone is playing Overwatch or Rocket League.
  6. Overwatch

    Everyone's thoughts on the game..... k GO!
  7. Rocket League

    It is very interesting game type. it is harder to get it in the goal than you think.
  8. Still don't know why I am Senior Member

  9. Rocket League

    Count me in if there is a spot open. You can play a 4v4 in your own private match, which could provide interesting in-clan commentary.
  10. Clash of Clans

    Also can be played without spending a dollar! Which is why I am so much behind these guys.
  11. Banished

    Shrives, how is all the micro-management going in Banished?
  12. Howdy

    "Dippie Down" is the new "Team Assemble" call.
  13. Howdy

    Dippie is not down, just been away playing Eve, waiting for you to jump on so I can blow you up Penny. What have you been up to lately? Anything casually interesting? Say Hi to Mav and Stein for me!
  14. Welcome Stix

    Welcome, nice to have you on board.
  15. Upgrading

    Here is a list that Nev and Kenoath helped me with, I added a few things on it just for the sake of it. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?mai ... wish_lists