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  1. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    I just watched a couple of new Netflix doco series, Wild Wild country and Evil Genius, both worth a look if your into true crime shows.
  2. Home Media Setup

    Question for anyone that has mounted a tv, what do you do for surge protection given the limited space? Would this do It? https://www.bunnings.com.au/belkin-1-outlet-2-usb-surge-protector-powerboard_p4420413
  3. Home Media Setup

    We ended up buying the Hisense N8 65 inch for $1744 and got 180 bucks worth of Harvey Norman giftcards due to a current promotion. Haven't got to test it out yet though as im waiting till we move house next week and I can mount it on the wall. Fingers crossed.
  4. Home Media Setup

    Thanks @Duckz. I've also seen the Hisense N8 65 for $2300 which isn't a whole lot more than the N7 has been . It hasn't reviewed too well from what I can see, but that seems to be when compared with more premium sets as that's what the N8 and N9 were targetting. I can't seem to find a consensus on whether the N8 is better than the N7.
  5. Home Media Setup

    @Duckz did you end up buying the Hisense N7 65? I'm in the market for a new tv and have been looking at that one too. Room is big so need 65 inches, I would like OLED but can't justify the cost.
  6. Home Media Setup

    Looks good!
  7. Good work everyone
  8. Welcome Dallyfergo

    Good stuff salad
  9. Dirt Rally

    I could be onboard next week if there's another round
  10. G'day all

    The phrase you were looking for was 'I have joined the forums'. To become a member you need to pay the $400 subscription fee, I'll send you the bank details.
  11. G'day all

    Hey Sallad!
  12. Dirt Rally

    I could be keen for a race one day, either game. I'm looking forward to Dirt 4 too Rally, sounds like it's gonna be good.
  13. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    I agree on the grand tour, they devoted a ridiculously long part of the episode to a ridiculous segment that was related to nothing. I also hate the new stig and hate the new track. My favourite parts of top gear were the news, the car reviews, the guests and their lap and at least moderately realistic challenges. So far its lacked on 3 of those fronts, the news seems to be the only bit that has made it through unscathed. Ill still give it a couple more eps mainly cause i loved top gear.
  14. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    I see Westworld has been renewed for season 2
  15. G'day RTD

    Welcome! Me and Josh (MasterShrive) had a 2600 growing up cause mum and dad wouldn't fork out for anything better. Our personal favourite was combat, though space invaders, tom cat, river raider and commando also got a run.