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  1. April Fools 2011 - Sponsorship Deal

    Top work on attaining a sponsorship deal guys. We've tried for this for a long time now and to finally get someone on board is just a top shelf effort. I would never of thought to go Kelloggs though ROFL. Nice work guys/girls and Shoes ~Stein~
  2. Hey guys and gals

    Great Cause IMO That one hits home for me and without support can really turn your life in the wrong direction. Will donate later next week, but tell him to keep up the good work. ~Stein~
  3. noTap is back :D

    ROFL LOVE you Krakers ~Stein ~
  4. noTap is back :D

    Hey Man WB Great to hear from you and CONGRATS on the engagement ~Stein~
  5. Shrives I thought that was a documentary but that's just me . And I'm in if were going to take the kiwis on, because I just love those odds Like this guy I will only take a chair ----------------------->>>> ~Stein~
  6. Well I'm not sure if you have seen what this pen can do, but one magic trick it did for me was just make me feel soooooo OLD!!!!
  7. LMFAO Nice bro hahaha ~Stein~
  8. http://www.break.com/index/techno-jeep.html Way to much spare time on there hands if ya ask me ~Stein~
  9. HellloooooooOooOo

    Hey bro great to have ya back ~Stein~
  10. Duckz you wasted minutes from my precious life I WANT THEM BACK!!!!!!!! And as for yours Bony I knew youd come around What has thread turned into too....... :gun: ~Stein~
  11. I call this one Ol Greg I also call this one Ol Greg Guess what I call this one.......... ~Stein~
  12. Logitech G19 $139 delivered

    Great keyboards I paid $210 for mine but just couldn't help myself and wanted it. Did the price go up because it says 179??? or did I miss something all together??... ~Stein~
  13. After the reviews of witneys latest concert I say he should replace her LMFAO..........
  14. View New Posts

    No probs with the New Post only that mine never auto logs in always have to type my name and password in
  15. Gday Folks

    Hey Bro Good to see ya drop in and say hi, have missed you around the traps. Hope all OE is keeping well, make sure ya say hi to them from us pls. And hope to catch up for a game soon TC<3 ~Stein~