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  1. Possible GPU Upgrade

    Nice mate - enjoy
  2. Elite Dangerous

    Jesus! That is unfortunate, haha.
  3. Elite Dangerous

    I'll put 100% of the clan's current fiances towards this.
  4. Elite Dangerous

    I'll pay to make this happen!
  5. Elite Dangerous

    Just a flea along for the ride
  6. Star Wars *Contains Spoilers*

    I finally activated a two week free trial for Disney+. It was expiring yesterday, so I had to finish off the last four episodes of The Clone Wars and the last two of The Mandalorian in quick succession. The TV series just show what can be done with the depth of the Star Wars universe. I'd really like to see some High Republic action - multiple Sith and Jedi all together. The action scenes could be amazing (as were the ones in TCW and TM). I also agree with Blue's comments above about the last trilogy. I think a lot of Star Wars fans feel betrayed, especially given what they've shown they can achieve with the Marvel IP ;( Then again, people felt let down by the prequels when they first came out (even though they're possibly my favourites) - so maybe we're just not the target grouping anymore.
  7. Possible GPU Upgrade

    Nice work mate. I couldn't even ballpark current prices for older tech. See what someone offers it for on Ebay. Start high if you're not in a rush - you can always go lower.
  8. Possible GPU Upgrade

    Nice. Might even be able to sell some of the old stuff to make some cash on the side.
  9. Possible GPU Upgrade

    Yeah personally I wouldn't even worry about a 3000 series card; but new cards should see prices of existing ones come down for you a bit. Then again, there could be supply issues, delays, etc. etc. - so if you know what card you want after doing a bit of research, I think just get it.
  10. Possible GPU Upgrade

    I'm not up with the best performance per buck benchmarks at the moment. There might also be new 3000 cards coming soonish? If you wanted to wait, you could then get a 2000 card possibly a bit cheaper. But if you're keen to get your hands on something now then either of those cards should be suitable and get you through the next couple of years.
  11. Hell Let Loose

    Yeah I jumped in for a brief go yesterday and got lost pretty quickly. I need a guide!
  12. Movie Club

    Haha, yeah same. And to get into some WWII games again!
  13. Movie Club

    I watched Greyhound last night. It was really interesting seeing part of the war I don't know much about. Only 1.5 hours and pretty action packed. If anyone listens to the Hardcore History podcast, Tom Hanks was interviewed on Dan's second channel which was also a great listen.
  14. Hell Let Loose

    So I know a few have this already; and it's currently free to play for the weekend? What's the recommendation?
  15. NBN

    So it's time to declare war? Or do we wait until after they've finished the faster internet?