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  1. Age of Empires andĀ Age of Mythology Series

    Age of Empires IV gameplay trailer: It does look nice. Seems to be most similar to AoEII. I could easily be sucked in.
  2. Stream Channels

    Please sir, you're inflating us 1000%
  3. Stream Channels

    Nice work mate. We'll put all the clan's funds towards a subscription.
  4. Your First PC

    Here is the specs of the first computer which was actually mine, accurately named JoshPC1 (I'm currently up to JoshPC6, for the record). This machine was ordered in my first year of uni (2004). I was pretty insistent on getting a 3Ghz Pentium 4, as well as a graphics card with 128MB of RAM (64MB was more common at that stage). The card I received was an ATI Radeon 9200. Two years later it was upgraded to an Nvidia 6800 GTX so the computer could play CoD2 (on low). This computer received a hammering. I had two different LAN crews - one on our uni res, which included Vulcan, and another crew from my uni course which included Mini. Games such as CoDUO, Age of Empires 2 and Age of Mythology racked a heap of hours. Sometimes we had games of Age with eight players, which was almost a dream come true. In CoDUO I think we got up to 12 one night running over our very ad-hoc LAN set up (we were bridging four Belkin wireless access points across three different buildings to run our own private network because the uni provided nothing - I learnt more from setting this up than I did in my entire course). Once I moved out into a uni owned house we were able to connect to ADSL. By chance, the day we moved in an AAPT rep was doing the rounds and he signed us up for 12GB of data at about $40 a month. Not long after I was playing CoDUO online and found the WARGROUNDS servers. I never really gave any Age games a go online, but a few of us did play some Freelancer for a while. Ultimately this machine spent a LOT of time on clan related gaming. This computer lasted three and a half years (with a RAM and GPU upgrade after 18 months). It eventually died when a lightning strike hit near our uni house, sending a surge down the powerline. This knocked out the PSU and motherboard (as well as my trusty wireless access point that we always used for LANs). I was sad to see it go, but it was in need of an overhaul. The requested specs that I sent to Minit Computers in Bendigo: Hardware: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz Processor. 512MB RAM. 128MB Graphics Card. Sound Card. DVD/CD RW Drive. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. (These were pre-bluetooth days and were not very good. Once the batteries went flat in a competitive match online and they wouldn't reconnect until I restarted my whole computer. I had the flag and everyone was just looking at me wondering why I wasn't moving) 17" Screen. (This was a real pain at LANs because it was huge at the back) Software: Windows XP Home Edition. Office 2003 Student Edition. Windows Media Player. CD Burning Software. Price: $2,500. Am I still running my machine off this version of Windows XP? No, only because it was 32bit. But this did get upgraded to Vista when that was released.
  5. NBN

    It's a shame you had to go through so many hoops, but at least you've got something in return. I hate to think about how many people don't know their rights and don't get anything back, as the telcos certainly aren't forthcoming.
  6. NBN

    Fixed wireless certainly suffers from more congestion... which is why we should have had more FTTP in the first place and not some MTM "solution".
  7. NBN

    Ah, I see. That's what I couldn't work out - if they thought they had installed the dish already or not. Because I presumed that was something they should know (and have tested!). Hopefully it all works smoothly from now on.
  8. NBN

    Oh, I see. Nhill (with about 1,800) people is the same - FTTC within the township, but anyone even just outside the town boundary is fixed wireless. I just can't figure out why they thought it should be working for you - as there's obviously a lot of work that needs to happen on your side to get fixed wireless to work, where as with FTTC/N they shouldn't even have to enter your house if the cabling was done correctly out front (it wasn't in my case, which is where they screwed up badly). Had they already come out a couple of times to try and get the fixed wireless working?
  9. NBN

    WAIT?! All this is over fixed wireless?! As in, there's not even a bloody cable involved?!
  10. NBN

    Well, welcome back. Now bleed them dry with refunds and speed boosts.
  11. NBN

    YES! Dare I ask what they had to fix?
  12. NBN

    Good luck, again
  13. Gaming And Software Sales

    I've given them my details. Has anyone played the first game?
  14. NBN

    Good luck sir. Hopefully you don't need it.
  15. NBN

    Fingers crossed?