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  1. Clan Related Video Thread

    Yeah - and got my first win in months
  2. Clan Related Video Thread

    While I would agree with that statement, I was actually testing out some stuttering issues I was having and there were no games to join for first-person solo at all
  3. Clan Related Video Thread

    Doesn't matter how you get it:
  4. Mouse

    How many mice do you have now? There must be an infestation happening...
  5. Gaming And Software Sales

    Yes I have! And I am VERY interested in that game. It's been on my list for a while. Glad I didn't buy it elsewhere.
  6. Welcome Predz

    Welcome back my good man! You've been gone for 1844 days, but certainly not forgotten And I promise I'll get back to Elite Dangerous sometime soon...
  7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    I got off the hype train after the Modern Warfare 2 station. Yet to see if I'm getting back on.
  8. General TV Show Discussion And Review

    Nice, might give it a look. I started watching the Apollo 11 footage that had been restored as well. Simply amazing. Really captures the full tenseness of the situation. Easy to take for granted now what they achieved.
  9. Elite Dangerous

    That is pretty awesome that you can go and find these things.
  10. Movie Club

    I watched a movie called Concussion on Netflix last night - really interesting from a sports perspective and the impact head injuries can have on players. It's NRL based, but it's certainly an eye opener.
  11. Elite Dangerous

    Thank God you guys were there to help. That is not what I was expecting for my first docking experience
  12. Elite Dangerous

    So anyway, I've got a cool $19m in the bank. This game is easy
  13. Elite Dangerous

    Is that supercruise in the controls? As I might copy this. Are you on the standard keyboard and mouse? Or standard keyboard and mouse with yaw? And can anyone explain the difference between the two?
  14. Elite Dangerous

    Hey, I've already fired it up! I just want a handle on the controls first. Maybe after work today if I'm lucky and then tonight.
  15. Elite Dangerous

    I might take that under advisement by the sounds. Just the default keyboard keys the way to go?