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    Got a new rig yesterday. CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 Elite Mobo: Gigabyte GA-X570 Aurous Elite GPU: Gigabyte Radeo RX 6700 XT RAM: HyperX Fury 16gb @3600MHz HDD: Samsung 2tb SSD 870 QVO and Western Digital WD 2TB Blue Case: Fractal Design Meshify C PSU: Cooler Master Gold 750W
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    Bumping this topic back up. Thought I would ad in what I am currently streaming and when. Monday night starting 8.30ish - Racing in Assetto Corsa (1 week is race week (tonight), 1 is practice and ad-hoc racing) Tuesday night starting 7.30pm - weekly Dungeons and Dragons session Friday night starting 8.30pm - Commentating an online racing series with @TheLaw Edit: Also of note is that I hit affiliate last week, which gives people access to subscribe to my channel now
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    BOOM! the techy we had come all the way from Dubbo, ended up being here for 4 hours.
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    In the middle of 2017 I bought my Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Aorus 11GB for $1,196. Last week during the Black Friday sales I bought a Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti Elite for $1,289. Today on Ebay I sold the 1080 Ti for $1000. That's just nuts. The 3060 Ti only gains about 10% in terms of performance. The new card scored 22,009 on Fire Strike in 3D Mark. The 1080 Ti scored 20,376. So for approximately 10% more I've picked up 10% extra frames. But the old graphics card was interfering with the sound card; an issue that is now fixed. And I've gained ray tracing if I want to try it, as well as access to Nvidia's broadcast software which can do mic and webcam filtering. So overall I am very happy with this exchange.
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    So two nights ago I had an hour to kill before going to bed. I decided I'd fire up Frostpunk, which I'd had in my library for quite some time. This was a mistake. Hours later I was still battling to keep my people alive. Numerous times they kicked me out, even though I think we were heading down the right path. I'd load a saved game and then continue from there, going down the religious path.
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    Look, I'm not proud of what happened, but a kill's a kill. I got the kill because I was the last person to do damage to the BRDM, which happened when it ran me over. I got confused, didn't realise I was safe, and ran back at it.
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    Age of Empires IV gameplay trailer: It does look nice. Seems to be most similar to AoEII. I could easily be sucked in.
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    Best to not dwell on these thoughts lest you be overcome with existential dread 🙃
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    So I got a call from Barnaby Joyce's office today. They rang Telstra and have organized compensation for us. we are getting $375 in credit on the bill. $25 off our plan till the contract ends and they aren't charging us for the modem. Our case manager should call either dad or my step mum today to confirm this.
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    This is fantastic stuff @MasterShrive. Hang it at the bottom of your toilet door so you may look down on her from your throne.
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    Just in case anyone missed this on discord (also you can do it directly from Origin) RtD>MiniSanders — Today at 2:30 PM open beta for 2 day, if you pre-order you get an earlier 2 days as well If you go to the Steam shop page for it, there is an option there to request beta access which will then let you pre-download the client
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    Age of Empires IV Technical Stress Test is now available in your library! I'm downloading now.
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    So to run windows 11 you need a TPM module and have secure boot enabled. Overall couple of features that seem pretty nifty like the android apps integration, and the new window snapping layout selection... Think ima wait a bit for getting this. On newer computers just enable PTT (Intel) or fTPM (AMD) once you've done that, boot back into Windows winkey+r type tpm.msc and you should (in theory) have this
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    I had read somewhere that it will be a free upgrade, but who knows. I am confident upgrading will fix any issues with my current system though.
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    So..... @MiniSanders and I were pretty keen on the new Dark Alliance game... Played it for roughly an hour and a half this afternoon. Unfortunately, this game is so broken that it doesn't register in Shadowplay as a game... it registers as "Desktop" and the best part? The desktop icon shortcut isn't named "Dark Alliance"..... Anywho here is the link to a cheeky youtube video I made from the highlights of this afternoon session.
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    This might just be the game that gets me back on the BF bandwagon. Mostly skipped 4, hardline, one and five. Just give me some kind of crows nest that costs a jet to get to and annoys team mates and enemies alike and ill be happy. ....Or some nosehair canals
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    Imagine the THOUSANDS OR MILLIONS of hours wasted by people waiting for GTA Online to load in since it's release, all down to a couple of lines of crappy code.
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    So they've FINALLY fixed the issues with the long load times in GTA Online - it only took a fan in his spare time literally pointing it out to Rockstar for the to get it sorted. https://kotaku.com/fan-fixes-gta-online-load-times-rockstar-makes-it-offi-1846481841 At least he got a bug bounty of $10k out of it?
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    Shrive - I just want you to know that I'm deliberately not chiming in here.
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    Epic is doing a free game a day until the 6th January starting today. Also you get a $10 Coupon for logging in during this period. So check in and have a look and see if we can get something decent during this deal.
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    I think I've got a GTX460 sitting around in a box - will stick it up for $800 and see how we do.
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    Oh hey, is that the new Spiderman game? Oh wait, no it's just standard BF Jank™
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    Still can't believe I wiped out out a player with out meaning to. - Arrive at island - Shit some one is already here. I'll come back with a bigger army. - Come back take island and start destroying enemy buildings. - Player eliminated... wait what! this was their main island... whoops, I wiped out a whole civilisation without realising
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    Battlefield 2042 will be using the same anticheat as Apex and Fortnite, which iirc is Easy Anticheat. So we'll see how that goes i guess. Beta dates have been released too. 6 - 9th of October. So for us aussies, Thursday to Sunday based on timezones. Preload is available Wednesday.
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    My link only works if you give me your credit card.
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    And this is why I don't want to pre-order until a Beta is done and it is actually good Even then, I don't know if I will have the time to play it
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    I'll definitely be grabbing this when it comes to PC! Did anyone play the sequel at all? I never did personally but from what I've read about it, it was still okay? The plot twist in KOTOR is pretty great but my all time favourite is the Bioshock "Would you kindly?" twist. Mum used to watch me place the Bioshock games because she enjoyed the the dark scifi atmosphere and we were both blown away by that one!
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    In a bit of a surprise, Company of Heroes 3 was announced today. It looks like Italy and North Africa could be the focus, which are two theatres often overlooked. It's still a while away, but CoH2 is on sale on Steam if anyone is interested.
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    @MiniSanders I hope these are directions on how to get away from the game.
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    NOT A COMEDY. Movie is made by Safdie brothers, who also mad e amovie called "good time" both are similar but both make you think "why the fuck do you keeo doing that" to the main characters
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    For those that want to complete their collection of shit BF games
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    Yeah, playing the beta first and then mid week of the early access on launch week before I consider buying it. #Don'tForgetBF4Launch
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    Bit darker, yeah. It's not a comedy but it's listed as a Crime/Comedy - I never laughed during it... Probably from all the anxiety induced from all the yelling in the movie, haha.
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    If you're interested in some good Adam Sandler acting: Uncut Gems. Under the radar movie. Felt like 2 hours of anxiety attacks.
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    I wonder if you can update directly to 11 from XP... Either way, I think the name 11 doesn't mean as much as old name changes, looks very similar back-end with a change to how data is presented in the front end. Hopefully they offer free upgrades like they did with going to 10
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    I just hope they let me put slugs and an 8x scope on shotguns to counter snipe people like you 😝
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    NBA2K21 free on Epic. I'm not saying I'll ever play it, but could be a laugh for a clan game.
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    So my K70 Mk2 about 2 months ago decided it wanted to play silly buggers and not show the correct RBG lighting format I selected, so I've FINALLY sent it back to PCCG for an RMA and hopefully, I get either a full refund or a replacement, however in the meantime for the last 2 months I've been using the Kogan mechanical keyboard its got Outemu blue switches and for $45 (what I originally paid) I haven't had a single issue with the keyboard, tho finding the actual software to change the RGB lighting was a pain. I did recommend the keyboard to @MiniSanders after had issues with his Corsair keyboard as well. Having said that Mini ordered some double-shot keycaps for his as the default font on the default keys was a bit of a pain to try and decipher what it meant, after seeing what they looked like I also ordered some and installed them this morning. They feel and add a bit of different sound compared to the default keycaps. Default keycaps Double-shot PBT keycaps
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    Well, welcome back. Now bleed them dry with refunds and speed boosts.
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    Problem has been sorted, they had us on the lowest nbn plan when we were meant to be on nbn50. we are now getting 45-55mbs
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    so received a email/text message from TPG today that they have given me 6 months of ultra NBN for free for some reason not going to knock these numbers back... and I thought 100mbps was fast
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    Yes give us your list of lists @MasterShrive.
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    I'll add that to my "watch" list. Currently watching HBO's Chernobyl miniseries rather interesting mini series.
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    I already have this and havnt gotten around to playing it. I too love a 4X space sim but unfortunately I have that many in my library that I have not got around to trying many of them. I fear my list is building like Shrives and it's becoming too daunting to even contemplate starting any of these games.
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