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    Finally got around to logging on and checking out Sag-A... Almost forgot what system I started into get back to the carrier, but managed to work it out and I am re-docked on the Phoenix. Thanks for giving me a lift out to see that Predz
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    I present to you, the butthole of the universe! Sagittarius A! Predz ended up inviting me via the ingame "multi" crew function, jumped into one of the fighters docked in the ship and flew around for a bit.
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    Here's another pic of @TheLaw in the fighter,
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    Welp, despite everything, the carrier has made it. And finally, after all this time... what a sight!
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    It looks too confined for a space fight/sim. I remember the old X-Wing/Tie Fighter games you could be having a fight around a Star Destroyer then some other ship would jump in miles away that would be a valuable target (kind of bonus mission) and it could take you 5 to 10 mins just covering the distance to get to it before it jumped out. Felt like you were actually in space and there were moments of calm. This looks very Arena.
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    No problemo Mini. And don't worry, I got lost heading back to the carrier the other night, with that many systems around the core, I jumped to a different system before finding the right one. So with that, I'll probably start the jumps back to Colonia either tomorrow or Monday.
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    Yeah, I remember doing random dumb things in Freelancer, and you would be doing something and get told to go somewhere else... And it was like "I am going how far?"
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    I'll put 100% of the clan's current fiances towards this.
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    Transplant went well, started at 10am, only just finished setting it all up. Yet to try out the 2070!
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    Well................................... I logged to join Predz in doing a couple of jumps..... turns out I forgot to dock with the carrier when I last played.... guess who is stuck in Colonia?
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    I can forward on Predz's bank details for you
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    Welp, it seems the patch has fixed some of the mining related issues. I managed to get about 100t of Tritium in about an hour, which is better than 32t in the same time frame before the patch. Tritium is still single digits in Colonia stations, hopefully they might normalise over the next few days. In better news, while I was mining, I started taking to another CMDR who just got to Colonia with his carrier. I mentioned that I'm trying to get the fuel we needed to do the trip to Sag A*. So, he ended up selling me 4k of his Tritium for my carrier, and now thanks to him, we are go for the Galactic Centre trip! I'll probably be departing either today (after I wake up) or Wednesday. The return trip is about the same distance as the Bubble-Colonia one-way, so I should be able to jump the carrier out to there in one day, head out for a bit so you guys who came along can see the centre, then we can either head back to Colonia, hope the stations have restocked their Tritium (or mine it) & fill it up again to head back home. Or, I try to mine it near the centre, fill it up that way & head directly back to the bubble from there. Either way, I'll post the itinerary when I start the trip.
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    I finally activated a two week free trial for Disney+. It was expiring yesterday, so I had to finish off the last four episodes of The Clone Wars and the last two of The Mandalorian in quick succession. The TV series just show what can be done with the depth of the Star Wars universe. I'd really like to see some High Republic action - multiple Sith and Jedi all together. The action scenes could be amazing (as were the ones in TCW and TM). I also agree with Blue's comments above about the last trilogy. I think a lot of Star Wars fans feel betrayed, especially given what they've shown they can achieve with the Marvel IP ;( Then again, people felt let down by the prequels when they first came out (even though they're possibly my favourites) - so maybe we're just not the target grouping anymore.
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    I ended up sticking with AMD for everything... My system is Ryzen 5 1600x Radeon 5700 XT Looking at upgrading the CPU soon, but still not seeing anything that really hammers it, so haven't bothered.
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    Bahahahahhahaha... gotta wait for the return journey now?
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