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    That's like saying you had your first root in months after going to a brothel... factual but not impressive.
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    So, Frontier just dropped some new info about fleet carriers at Gamescom, Also, a new community goal has started, https://inara.cz/galaxy-communitygoals/
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    Yeah, according to EDDB, I found that its anywhere between 30-50LY for pretty much anything required from Chamas. Did a few runs in my Type-9 yesterday (which for the duration of the community goal, transferred to Denton Dock so then I can fly a smaller ship there, then switch to the "brick" for the deliveries, collecting about 740 tons each run), but I'm planning on doing more since I was in the Top 10%, but fell back to the Top 25% (currently at 5,108 total delivered), and it's still only at Tier 2, so the numbers will more than likely keep going up, necessitating the need to complete more trips if I want to be in the higher bracket for the higher credit reward. For Grain and Fruit & Vegetables, I went to Cooper Station in Salibala (44.84LY) For Fish, I went to Wakata Port in Indras (44.99LY) For Synthetic Meat, I went to Melvin Terminal in Asturindjin (43.03LY)
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    They've only said "large amount of credits". Considering that it's a personal ship (one per CMDR) rather than a squadron/group ship, and the Imperial Cutter is around 208 million (currently the most expensive ship in the game), I would definitely think the cost will be in the billions for sure. They have said that after the September update, they'll go into more detail on the financial side of things. And the support ships are separate, and accompanies the carrier, which can be swapped out for specific operations. They'll determine what is available in ship outfitting, as well as services. So with the mining support vessel for example, it would be cool if it included a commodities market, so you could park in a system, mine nearby rings, head back to the carrier, sell what you mined, rinse and repeat.
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    That is a very specific set of circumstances BP ...
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    Doesn't matter how you get it:
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    I'm pretty sure Duckz's mice breed faster than actual mice
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    So I should get back to core mining until I get a few billion credits? Have they said how much they will cost and to outfit? They look amazing. I didn't know there was "smaller" ones, like the mining and mercenary.
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    So you waited 3+ minutes to join a SEA Solo TPP game?
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    While I would agree with that statement, I was actually testing out some stuttering issues I was having and there were no games to join for first-person solo at all
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    If only I could thumbs down your post for 3rd person in 2019..
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    How many mice do you have now? There must be an infestation happening...
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    New toy was at the front door when I woke up today; G-Wolves Skoll
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    I did 2 trips (1 with my Type 6... which I then sold and bought an Asp Explorer for the second trip) So now I have delivered 200 synthetic meats from Ngandins (? or something similar) Gets me into the lowest tier only. Need to make a push to get myself into the next tier.
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    I managed to fly myself there... and then I looked to see where I could buy the required stuff. I think I flew past about 3 systems that I should have stopped at. Looks like closest system is about 35ly away that has any of the required supplies.
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    Building an Asteroid base, noice
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