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    Played a bit of Dirt Rally recently. This one hit home, I always cut too @RallyMan Oh, while I found that, in case anyone hasn't seen this either. It made my week:
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    haha always love me some dirt rally. (dirt rally 2 is even better! ) as it happens this was testing my first ever sim rig I built (nothing compared to my current one ) same stage as the dont cut video (2:16 in this one) set the 21st fastest time in the world in this run, think from memory i had the 5th or 6th fastest time on this stage
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    yeah using a acer predator 34" ultrawide now. not as much side view but easier on the graphics card and better for everything else. (3 monitors is a pain for normal life) ideally would love to go VR but the graphics in them is to low for my liking
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    Oh yeah! Another game I really wanted but don't have time to play
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    Bump!.... Free now till the 21 Feb.
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