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    Presenting Ramsay's new build As of last week I am back on a desktop PC, after my laptop died. See pictures of the PC and the Setup Thanks to duckz help my specs are as follows CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600Mobo: MSI B450 Tomahawk MotherboardGPU: MSI 1070ti RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 3200 MHzCooler: Stock PSU: Seasonic Focus GOld 650W Storage Main: Samsung 970 EVO M.2 500gb Storage 2nd: Segate Barracuda 2TBCase: Thermaltake Versa J24 (RGB edition) Keyboard: Logitech G512 Carbon (thanks Shrive) Mouse: Razer Deathadder Headset: Sennheiser GSP300
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    New rig I bought for myself for xmas up and running i7 8700k Asus Strix-E Z370 16GB GSkill Trident Ram Asus pg279q 27" IPS Corsair H115i Asus 1080ti Strix 11GB OC Corsair HX750 PSU Samsung m.2 860 1TB Samsung 850 1 TB EVGA DG86 case
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    Congratulations - Roll The Dice Turns Eight! And just like that another 12 months has gone. If you're looking for changes around the place you won't find heaps; but there's certainly been enough to show we're still active. Yes, only in the social sense, but active nonetheless. Obviously this report is coming in quite late, with our actual eighth year ending back on the 24th of June. It's late simply because I've been flat out. Last year June was full of the usual reports and camp organisation. On top of that, this year, I've been very busy footy wise and I've also picked up a new IT role at school. I'm now very grateful for the games I've managed to get in over the last week and it's been a good reminder of how enjoyable it is to sit down at the computer for a few high tense matches (when the computer decides to cooperate). I'm also very grateful that when we formed this clan eight years ago I was much less busy both work and sport wise. Indeed, it's safe to say that back in 2009 gaming was probably my first priority. I was very high up the ranks at wG| and had helped lead and assemble a number of successful competitive squads, as had the other Founders. Which is why I was very much saddened when it all came crashing down. If that had happened today, I don't think I'd have the time to help pick up the pieces; however, with more free time and a determination to succeed we all banded together to put things on the right track. It was a framework that still serves us to this day, even though most of it now lies dormant. The recruitment process, which has hardly changed since those early days, is still a prime example of a well thought out structure coming into play when needed. We had a period of over 12 months where no new faces joined; however, as soon as it was required the entire recruitment area was ready to jump into action once again, going through the usual checklists to make sure nothing was forgotten (in large part thanks to @Decroxx). And I believe this is true of the other aspects of our clan as well - if they are ever needed again they are ready to have the cobwebs blown off and they'll function just as well now as they did in the early days of the clan. There's a couple of extra graphs this time around, thanks to a new statistics area in the Admin section of the forums, and they support the older graphs of when we hit peak-activity. But they also clearly show that we're still here, still active, and that we certainly haven't flat-lined. So what exactly have we been doing? The Last Six Months: It would be remiss of me to not start with the DoTA2 team. @Mr Spontaneous told me it was very important that this make the latest report. He also feels that his leadership in this particular area makes him a deserved Senior Member. But as I keep telling him, if he wants a promotion he first needs to explain exactly what DoTA2 is... Believe it or not though, we've had a few other things happening around the clan as well. The biggest and most obvious change is the new forums. A massive thank you needs to go to @Phobos for his work behind the scenes to get this happening. An upgrade has been in the works for quite some time; however, we were waiting on the next version to be fully released before we could progress (something we thought was going to happen not long after the last forum upgrade). I think this is our fourth official forum change, fifth if you count the original XFire forums we used for a few weeks (BOOM! There's the XFire mention!). If you've never seen the first version of our forums, this is what they looked like. I think this is version 1, but it could even be version 2? @Duckz, our first Webmaster, might be able to clarify further. On a side not, that's the first time I've added an attachment on these forums. A very seamless process. Much like how tagging a fellow clan member is a very straight forward affair - what I wouldn't have given for that functionality back in the days of running multiple squads, when you're wanting to hear back from members in regards to their availability but the GA or CG deadline to accept a match is closing in fast. I do miss the old BBCode a bit though - there was just something about working in plain text that I enjoyed for some reason (that almost said "plane text" - @bprc would have gone to town on that). Of course, over the past six months in particular PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUND has really taken off (that has to be one of the strangest mouthfulliest names for a game I've ever seen - can someone explain it's meaning?). It's brought plenty of people back to the active gaming scene, some of whom we haven't seen together since the BF4 days. Hell, we even dabbled in the competitive scene in an unofficial sense, but in testing the waters it makes me wonder if this game could have legs in that regard, especially once it's fully released. Even in casual play, the game seems to have that perfect amount of tension that you generally don't see outside of competitive gaming. I'd be very interested to see them up the numbers per squad as I think a group of us on together could cause quite a lot of damage. That competitive drive is still there, even if it's been a few years since our last official ladder entry. Rainbow Six had also been popular towards the start of the year, although it too sometimes suffered from the five man requirement. BF1 had a few going at it too, in a very different setting to what we're used to, and while I'd like to see it get some more game play that time might have already passed. Hopefully not. Back in Volume 11 I first mentioned about the CoDUO CTF tournament that I'd started a school. I'm glad to report that the indoctrination program has finally paid off and resulted in exactly one new clan member, @CurlyDude. CoD4 SAB is on the list this year, so I'll see if we can snag a few other Recruits further down the track. The PAX Recruitment Campaign also paid dividends, with @Noods coming on board last November. And @Dallyfergo, who got a mention in Volume 16 when he gamed with us in BF1, has made the most of the NBN and farm life to join our ranks as well. What's interesting there is that Dally had both zero clan and online gaming experience, but if you joined him on TS now you'd think he was a seasoned veteran. Another big tick for our underlying processes in my opinion. Indeed, the last four members to join our ranks have all actually been recruited "offline", which I find strange to say the least. On that note, @MiniSanders, I know back in Volume 15 I said there was no pressure upon being our first member in quite some time. However, that was a blatant lie and we are expecting you to reveal something pretty big in the not too distant future. If you don't want the "clan saviour" title we'll give it to someone else. Finally, I think it's worth mentioning that Discord has come into it's own to help with clan communications. Once again I'm sure it will prove useful when PAX comes around and in the meantime it has given members another solid option when trying to find a gaming buddy. The Stats: As mentioned in the opening, the stats are back (with a couple of new graphs to go along too). The Dropbox link if you want to suss out the spreadsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8zz2bk68sakaqgv/Full%20Member%20Master%20List.xlsx It's always nice to go in and add someone new to the spreadsheet. Of course, we could quite easily have taken some members off the roster due to inactivity, but we don't see that as being necessary unless we return to full operations. So for now, the concurrent graph continues along with a couple of extra bumps. The interesting thing here is seeing we once had around 2,200 posts in one month back in 2013 (thanks to Phoby for pointing this out). I'd say that was the height of activity between BF3 and BF4, with large numbers required for squads and plenty attending training; however, it wasn't when we were our most active from a competitive standpoint - I would say that crown possibly goes to 2010 when we had three active CoD4 squads, two on Game Arena and one on CyberGamer. They were hectic times. New topics were unsurprisingly high when the forums were first created. I say unsurprisingly, because I recall how many documents needed to be created in regards to recruitment, squads, our code of conduct, etc. Most of which still exist. The peak for new topics in 2011 occurred just as BF3 was taking off. Plenty of scrims, plenty of trainings, as well as some general clan structure adjustments, all would have contributed to the high new topic count around this time. And a few of the other usual clan stats: 47 Full Members in the clan, with no current Recruits. Three more than this time last year and also a new high for concurrent members (with the asterisk being we haven't removed anyone for quite some time). 11 competitive squads have represented the clan. No changes here for quite some time. 83,807 posts made on these forums across 3,330 topics. That's 28 posts per day, a little less than last year. Our most active day on the forums was June 12th 2017 with 25 users online. Needless to say this one surprised me. 292 people registered on the website. 96 members in total have come through the clan, with 87 applications declined (no change). 64 members have stayed with us for longer than a year. In total, the clan has existed for 2,942 days. So if current trends continue we should reach our 3,000th day relatively soon and could reach our 100th member by this time next year. Perhaps we could give them a commemorative spoon? Thank Yous: The only thank you I'll mention this year is to all the members who still call this place home. There's nothing quite like jumping on for a game with familiar faces, and if the clan wasn't here it would make online gaming significantly less enjoyable. Conclusion: 12 months ago I said: "We are still without an official clan game, but for the first time in a long time I think that could change, either with Overwatch or almost certainly BF1. We don't want to get our hopes up yet... but I'd like to think there's certainly a chance of something happening here." So basically, I should stop trying to make predictions (even though BF1 did get some good play time and I'd hope to get back to it again before the year's end). Instead, we've had a game come completely out of left field in PUBG. How long will it last? Who knows. But like all online gaming, we should enjoy it while we can because nothing stays around forever and online games move on more quickly than most. Really, predicting what comes next for us is a complete unknown. The next Battlefront game isn't that far away, with a Beta due out soon. However, I don't think anyone wants to get their hopes up there as we've all been burnt in the past too many times. Maybe CoD returning to it's WWII roots will be of interest? I'm doubtful, but who knows. The main thing is we're all still here so we still get to choose what comes next. Hope to see you later in the year at PAX, or even just online for a game soon. Alea iacta est. ~MS.
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    I hear uninstalling is actually better than playing the game
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    So we FINALLY got fibre at our new place. Only a few weeks of frustration, but it was all worth it!
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    First solo win since the stats reset. Looted a bit for the first circle, then after looking at the circle, thought were it might finish, found a nice hut on the beach down near Primorsk and didn't have to move until I got my first kill, which was the last kill
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    Finally ... solo chicken din dins
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    splash proof they reckon, I'll be the judge of that
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    I'm going with a chip in the brain, Games streamed straight to the cerebral cortex from the cloud!
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    See you in game in 2030
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    I killed @Silent that is all that really matters ... do you think he could come up with any more excuses?
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    Oh no, are we prepared for the endless swarm of "here's everything I can tell you from watching the same 3 minute long video as everyone else" And "12.8 things the new BFV trailer tells us"
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    I am a terrible, terrible person. And while you people bring me loot, you can't say I don't bring you other gifts.
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    This is PUBG having a bit of a hissy fit @Duckz @Phobos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvySJDwEidI
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    Awesome turnout! Was good to see/hear many voices! Will have to do it again!
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    Is it sad that when you opened with 'So I have a new saga' that I rubbed my hands with glee and anticipation?
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    There is some Worms themed update for this game. Grab a slabby from you local and lets make a weekend of it.
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    Also, Obi-Wan Kenobi show is happening(time line at 1:56): So that makes Cassian Andor and Obi-wan confirmed. It's going to be a Star Wars shower these next few years
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    That's like saying you had your first root in months after going to a brothel... factual but not impressive.
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    travelled out to see the Voyager probes. 2.3 million light seconds away from earth. Now to track down New Horizons.
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    This sounds like a Shrive problem. I can see a lot of the heavy lifting in games being done on cloud technology in the future, gonna have to find a use for all these crypto farms. But in reality we'll probably still be using technology for shit like this
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    After all this time I finally managed to get a D.Va bomb to work
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    Hey RtD Crew, Been hovering around a while now so due for the formalities, I go by Panda because its easier to spell than Jarryd, and I'm a student at Fed Uni in Ballarat. So far I've played with quite a few of you guys now and its been great fun, you can blame DallyFergo for my presence. Been a casual gamer ever since i had one of the first Sega systems, graduated to play station, upgraded to Xbox then ascended into the glorious PC Master Race. Generally into most games, COD, Battlefield, PUBG, Seige and GTA. Also enjoy Overwatch and Rocket League from time to time. Keen to meet more of you guys and share some good times in games Cheers, Ra' Panda
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    I think there is an issue with people seeing my posts on the forums. Commonly I won't get any likes or reactions to the funny things I post so I think something might be broken there....
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    No idea how i stumbled across this, clicked on it expecting to be some sort of meme or joke.... but i kept watching.... and the editing... is just amazing, and the use of Williams score from all 6 movies.... this should be added in to the movie imo, adds way more drama and effect.
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    Howdy team, It's been an incredibly long time but I thought I'd pop in and say hello to all of the familiar faces (and new less-familiar, probably more attractive faces). For those I haven't met before, I was part of the RtD crew that moved over in the initial change from the old clan (I believe I was promised a chocolate bar by Shrives for my loyalty - which I never received). I 'played' on some of the CoD4 teams that we used to run on the GA and CG ladders, consistently anchoring the teams and acting as a walking meatbag/free target. My expertise lay in the psychological damage I caused in my opponents as they ruthlessly mowed me down. I spent the rest of my energy as a pub hero and would victimize Nev while he was drinking. I pulled away from gaming when CoD4 was on the downwards spiral to come over to the US, Kentucky specifically, and do some study/work. I've since remained here, and am shacked up with a woman who doesn't realize she can do better. If you need to imagine me, think of me in a Colonel Sanders-esque white suit, Mint Julep in hand, riding on a riverboat and trying to say "y'all" in an Australian accent. I'm not sure how much you'll see me around, as I was unreliable even in the old days, but I look forward to jumping in on TS/Discord one of these days, kicking back and catching up. Best wishes, Splitty
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    We've made it, new major release of IPBoard. Hope everything looks fine and mostly* as it was. New major features: Website is now using an SSL cert Leaderboards - still haven't worked out what is it... Native mobile theme support You can get a members attention with: @username Calendar allows members to set a status Ability to attach a Google Authenticator to your account. Found in Account Settings > Account Security A surprise during xmas Shrive's post count once again survived Possible Tweaks: "Edited By" message made smaller Shrink discord icon Discord "viewer" needs to scale height automatically Recent Topics minimize button needs fixing Items to discuss: We are limited to 6 different backgrounds. The only one I've added is the blank one which I think should be in there. Taking suggests on which previous backgrounds or new ones could be used! Portal page looks like will need to be rethought. Possibly written as a static page with Hugo Shoutbox, do we need it still now we have Discord? How does the mobile theme look and function? As always, let me know if you have any suggestions or issues. I advise you clear your browser cache and cookies!
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    This just got an update. We should have a hit some time.
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    Well today is going well. Dip, Dally, Pench and I managed to get a win and I actually got some kills (including one I stole from Dippie because I'm not a nice person).
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    Second pan kill Also had a squad game last night with the same guys as above, where the final game was at the Army Bunkers. We were above ground and the other squad was below ground in the bunkers. Sucks to be them, we won with the final circle closing in completely, but they weren't able to get to it.
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    Battlefield 4: Friday Night Games! Date: 22nd of May 2020 Time: 6pm - late Requirements: BF4 + DLC (Premium Edition is $49.99) So its been a while since we’ve had a clan game night, and I miss the good ol’ days of a clan pub stomp! And seeing as BF4 has picked up more popularity since DICE announced that BFV would have one more major content patch and that is it. I figured why not get the gang together for some shenanigans. Plus seeing as we are all on lockdown what else can we do? (besides renovations and eat loads of food) I hope to see ya’ll there!
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    Nice little show with some great characters:
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    DiRT Rally is currently free on Humble Bundle; http://www.humblebundle.com/store/dirt-rally and Inside is currently free on Epic Games Store (same guys that made Limbo. Worth a play through); https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/collection/free-games-collection
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    Just another PUBG outing with @bprc and @Yeowie. Note that BP is talking from the very start about excuses for how he's going to die. Then pay attention to his actual death. He also gets us killed post-credits...
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    so if you type this in the launch options +twitch_prime_linked 1 you get the prime stuff without having prime lol.
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    "Uh huh... tell me again how you need internet for the games you never play?"
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    Damn, that's one hell of a saga! EDIT: Oh, how did that image get posted there? Phoby, there must be some strange problem with the forums...
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    I think the biggest factor is not installing 2 12" subwoofers in your car when you're 18. Self inflicted hearing loss is not fun.
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    Your students are fucked now, you don't have any curriculum to teach
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    you probably don't game enough to warrant an actual gaming chair shrive. dinning chairs are a great option, by forcing you to sit up straight your K/D will improve out of sight
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    Recruit is without doubt the most OP thing in siege just after @bprc.
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    All done and dusted. Motherboard swapped, added more RAM, chips on the sound card swapped, braided molex cable for the sound card plugged in. While I was at it, I put black nitto electrical tape around the small pieces of the case between each PCI slot because I think one of my monitor connectors was making contact, and shorting out or something, seems to have stopped since doing that. Also put pieces of tape around the HDD caddies to prevent metal on metal vibration going through the case, which has stopped 10 fold.
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    Lol "the shop" - that's dedication......and then he's dead.
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    It was built for Moomba back in the 70's I think. Actually won "Best Custom Entry" 9 times and was invited back to the 50th anniversary of Moomba a few years back The propeller on top is a full size one from a plane, and is actually running off a secondary vertical diff in the back tray. The back firing is intentional and there is actually a lever on the dash that allows the driver to cause it, oil is also pumped onto the exhaust to cause "some" of the smoke coming out the back, and he bubbles out the front are coming from the same water used to "cool" the engine As far as I know he slowly built it over a few years, not sure though. He was a qualified mechanic for years, so this was a pet project. Oh and OH&S be damned
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