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    Battlefield 4: Friday Night Games! Date: 10th of July 2020 Time: 6pm - late Requirements: BF4. DLC is optional. (Premium Edition is $49.99 on Origin or 24.97 on Steam with the current sale) So with BF4 getting another peak in popularity due to EA putting most of the BF games on Steam and with many of us keen for another BF night, plus the shenanigans we all experienced last time were great and brought back many memories! So let's all get together! "Whats an exclamation point?" I hope to see ya’ll there!
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    Could this justify another BF4 night??
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    Patch 2 has dropped for the Fleet Carrier update - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/fleet-carriers-update-patch-2-downtime-and-patch-notes.549577/ Also, with everything pretty much gathered that I need for the trip to Colonia, I'll be heading out there in a few days/this weekend coming with the carrier. The trip will take 3-4 days with approx. 40+ jumps, each taking 20mins. I'll have to spend time in the game making the individual jumps, as I can't plot a long range route with the carrier like you can with a ship (because there's no way for the carrier to fill it's fuel tank with stored Tritium automatically, I'll have to manually transfer it to a ship's cargo hold from the storage, then to the fuel tank). I plan to be out there for a couple of weeks when I get there, as it's not only about the Colonia engineer unlocks, but I also want to see the galactic centre (Sagittarius A*). If you want to get back to the bubble before I head back, there are a few possible options, 1. Fly back with a high jump range ship, but this could still entail hundreds of jumps. 2. Some player groups are setting up some 'ferry' services with their Fleet Carriers. I'm not sure if they're in operation yet, but I can look into it. 3. Store your ship at a station, buy a Sidewinder, get blown up, spawn back in the bubble. This however, can lead to a very expensive transfer of your ship, depending on the ship model & modules installed (eg. an Anaconda took 2-3 days to transfer back, at a cost of more than 300+ million credits). If anyone is interested in making the trip, let me know (either here or DM me in Discord/Steam) & dock your ships on the carrier (SFS-FC Phoenix, currently in LHS 215). Shipyard & Outfitting is available, so you can also bring any extra ships/modules you want, as transfer times & costs between the bubble & Colonia aren't cheap & take ages to move.
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    TheLaw linked the gameplay trailer from EA Play in his post. And here's an interview that Polygon did with game's creative director, Ian Frazier - https://www.polygon.com/interviews/2020/6/18/21295900/star-wars-squadrons-everything-you-need-to-know - The general idea is that the gameplay will be "more X-Wing/TIE Fighter, less Rogue Squadron". - Single player campaign (post Battle of Endor), 5v5 'Dogfight Mode' (PvP) & 'Fleet Battles' (PvP/PvE, with solo & coop with AI confirmed) - Most weapons are fixed, with a few guided weapon options. - There is no leading reticle, but the targeting reticle will change colour the more likely your shot will hit the target. - There will be 6 maps at launch. - First person only is a definite, with only spectator mode & select cinematics/cutscenes featuring anything like third person views. - Along with VR support, they did mention that on PC, there would be HOTAS support, exactly which ones is unknown, probably more on them will be revealed closer to launch. There will also be crossplay with the consoles. - Gameplay includes diverting power between Engines, Weapons & Shields, very much like assigning pips to sub-systems in E:D (there's going to be some alternative to Shields for TIE fighters, as they don't have them, possibly more hull points to compensate). Ship loadout upgrade components in spoiler, Thus far, it's still only the 8 previously announced ships, Fighters: TIE Fighter/X-Wing Bombers: TIE Bomber/Y-Wing Interceptors: TIE Interceptor/A-Wing Support: TIE Reaper/U-Wing Currently, they have downplayed any post-release DLC (more maps/ships) or live service formats, so it's currently implied that it could be a 'WYSIWYG' scenario, with only patches to fix bugs. With it having the lower launch price, I wouldn't be surprised.
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    After all the jumps, manual refuels, startups & cool downs... We made it! Colonia was a bit chocker with carriers (it is the system for buying them in these parts after all), so I jumped the carrier to the Ogmar system (about 8.62LY away). Checked out Jaques Station (a station with FSD capabilities, originally built in the bubble) Once I've had a short break after all that travel, gonna get the engineering stuff done, travel around the region a bit & prep for the trip to the galactic centre.
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    I'll never ever play this game but I find everyone's reports on what they're doing or how they kit our their ships so fascinating
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    I may have gone from the Krait Mk2 to the Python today.... Now for more transport runs Still sitting with almost 30mil credits
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    hmm ok Interest has risen slightly. Cant deny that it looks amazing. and do love the fact that its First Person only. Campaign and Fleet Battles looks more like X-Wing/Tie fighter games of old then I expected. Hope the Fleet battles are a bit more mixed bag then what they explained as I reckon that could get old real quick. Could be worth it just for he single player campaign tho. Just hope they have enough content and continue the content afterwards.
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    Yeah that's what I was thinking. 5 v 5 seems way too small. Would love a larger scale like the Old X-Wing games then add in Co-Op or Multiplayer, where you have to take on Imperial Star Destroyers and really use team tactics. Have some in Y Wings doing bombing runs while X-Wings provide fighter support etc. Who knows might be different to what we think but I doubt it going on the early info.
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    110% arcade Think of the aerial side of Battlefront. Same sort of thing imo $49 on Steam. So I guess a very small game then. Wonder about the replay value
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    Ok can safely say that Tritum trading is a good way to make money... Spent about 3 hours this afternoon trading. Went from having about 16mil and an Asp Explorer to 28mil and a Krait Mk2 So all up I think I made about 50mil
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    Cheers mate! LTD's have pretty much superseded Void Opals in value, but with the update, means the loss of the triple hotspot in Borann (because of the introduction of Tritium, the mining hotspots re-generated). There have been some rumours of a quad spot about 800LY from the bubble, though it's not confirmed. But if something like that is confirmed, the carrier will make it easier to head out there, get some & ferry our riches back to a system selling at a good price. Here's a few pics of the carrier in the spoiler. I've bought cosmetics for it, hence it's different look compared to the stock carrier. With all but the Shipyard & Outfitting modules installed (I plan to install them at a later date, they cost 500 million to install both, more mining might be in order), the current upkeep is sitting at 13.2 million credits/week (5 mil core modules/8.2mil additional modules), plus 100,000 credits per jump in hull maintenance. I've transferred all of my stored ships & modules to the carrier, effectively 'moving out' of Jameson Memorial. The payment comes out every Thursday during the weekly server maintenance. I've got some money in the carrier's bank to cover costs for a bit. I'm currently finding systems selling Tritium cheaper than the average to store in the carrier for extra fuel. As I mentioned before release, I've got a few trips in mind in the near future. For now, I'll be parking the carrier in LHS 215 (near Spring Gateway).
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    Not major tech news, but I thought this Cracked article was interesting: https://www.cracked.com/pictofacts-1711-weird-workarounds-behind-magic-your-favorite-games/ It has examples of how games and game designers "cheat" to get around certain limitations. I thought it was pretty cool.
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    I haven't had time to play this despite that time we fired it up together; but I'm more than happy to read reports on how the jumps go. Best of luck.
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    Welcome aboard @MiniSanders! After talking to @TheLaw (who is also going), I've decided that I'll start the jumps on Sunday, as to allow a couple more days for him & anyone else who might be interested in going to hop aboard. I was thinking of maybe doing some update posts while making the trip & when we get there. Based on a trip planner for carriers, it worked out at around 15 hours (approx. 44-46 jumps) to get there, so it could take 2 days (doing all-day jumping, at least 8 hours a day) or 3 (split them into smaller blocks, maybe 5-6 hours each).
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    Decided to land on @Predz carrier and go for the trip into the nether... While landing I thought I would get some screenshots of the scale of it. My poor little Python is tiny.
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    Soooooo since EA decided to put BF3, BF4, BF1 and BFV on steam it seems to have gotten a second life. This is the highest amount of servers I've seen active since the game was at its peak.
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    Mini has joined the big leagues, nice! Really enjoy the Python
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    We were testing out the new ACE Medical update and seeing what was new and what was changed, turned out if you are quick enough to select the option to body bag someone and carry a wounded player... you become the next Apollo program.
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    I still have my physical copies of 1 and 2 plus the XP pack for 2.
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    oh hell yeah! These are the types of games where I finally check the the time and go "oh shit its 4am"
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    I'll be on after dinner, likely 7pm NZ time onwards.
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    Put a dozen hours into it and am absolutely loving the combat. Micro managing and setting up a smaller force and taking out a larger force is so satisfying. I did not realise the turn based part was so in depth. Already failed 3 campaigns because I didn't understand things properly ( most recent campaign got destroyed by Christian's taking over Wich surprised me) A lot more diplomacy than I thought for a game called total war but once I learn the systems I can tell I'm going to loose a couple weeks to it.
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    Today, 12:42pm AEST, first jump plotted. 3 CMDRs (@TheLaw, @MiniSanders & @Predz) 1 Fleet Carrier 45 Jumps Colonia, here we come! Itinierary - https://www.spansh.co.uk/fleet-carrier/results/ABF77A32-BDA1-11EA-A386-F1DB94EB4526?destination=Colonia&market_capacity=11578&module_capacity=5900&source=LHS 215&tritium_fuel=1000&tritium_market=
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    I have also landed and are ready to travel!
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    Similar to what Blue said these games are my "oh shit is that the sun I can see?" imo despite its age Medieval II is the best one to start on, then id say Rome II
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    Xcom series is my "wait is that the sun?" game . Just bought shogun 2 on the steam sales for $8. I heard its the best one to start on.
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    I ended up buying the Metro franchise and Call to Arms. they also have "steam" points this year which allows you to buy profile banners, emojis and a bunch of other things. You also get an $8 discount on your first purchase during the Steam sale which i thought was awesome! I'll be picking up more games later on during the sale tho... i miss the flashsales
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    Haha. So what you're saying is, putting a man on the moon isn't actually very hard.
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    Lettuce know when, cause i wanna do that.
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    I ended up selling around 5,000t of the 10k Tritium I had bought for about 4k/t, and parked the carrier at a station selling for about 50k/t (still made about 45-46k profit/t). Made about 200mil+ in the end. I kept the other 5k, because I'm thinking of stockpiling more Tritium, as I'm thinking of doing the Colonia/Sagittarius A* trip sooner rather than later.
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    Thanks gents. Yeah everything is well. Business is going well even under current economic conditions. Family and myself are all doing well. Been wanting to catch up with everyone for quite a long time but been absolutely run off my feet with life and business. Will jump on soon once I've got the rig upgraded and the missus also wants to start gaming in battlefield etc (currently she's a fortnite competitive gamer)
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    Yeah I might respec my ship this afternoon and fit it out with more storage again... see if I can figure out this Tritium trading Edit: Or not... game crashed when I was refitting my ship... and now crashes on loading into the starport
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    Have my 2 ships over there now, I was only about 10 jumps away. Need to work out what I want to do though... mining is ok, but I find it boring very quickly... prefer jumping and trading
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    Flick either Predz or myself a message if you need someone to tag along if you need fuel!
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    Yep, Col 285 Sector CC-K a38-2, Planet 1, Ring B is the new LTD triple hotspot. I went out there a couple of days ago, and the system and the next closest were chock full of carriers, though I managed to jump my carrier to the 2nd closest system. I did jump back to LHS 215 (where it is now), then jumped to Anlave (the closest Carrier Admin system) & installed the Shipyard & Outfitting addons. While there's nothing on sale (I gotta buy the stuff in packs, can't even buy individual items), it means that now you can transfer your own ships/modules to/from the carrier. I did see some vids about the tritium trading. I thought something like that could happen, as there are those stations selling it way below the average price (around the 45-55k range), so I see how it could be profitable (and with less work than mining, only real threat might be interdiciting pirates). Even better, I could load up the carrier with extra Tritium, jump to the station with one of the best sell prices, ferry the Tritium to the station and back (as long as the demand is there). If the demand runs out, jump again, rinse & repeat.
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    I'm going to fly my "mining" ship across to LHS 215... that way if I am on at the right time I am nearby at least
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    Been reading that Tritium trading to stations is the current craze, about 100M credit per 30mins or so. Might need to look into a T-9 and fill that sucker with cargo racks, hmmmmm... https://eddb.io/trade/loops shows me close to a 5,322cr buy to 54,852cr sell in a 45 ly loop. Yummy!
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    I Played 3 and enjoyed it thoroughly. But mythology was definitely my fave. I installed AoE 1 and 2 remasters and started playing through the campaign of 1. They have really done a lot of work with the graphical upgrade, but still has that classic AoE1 pathing ai. It was painful to watch my enormous army finally be defeated by a random tree cluster in the middle of a path. Got them nostalgia feels but i probably won't bother finishing the campaign even though they have done a lot of work to it, the roots of it are still an adjacent RTS. Will try 2 soon. Did any of you try Battle for Middle Earth 2? Probably my favourite old style RTS
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    Nice Predz, grats on hitting that 5B! Curious to see the upkeep cost when you get it. So, LTDs are the way forward for mining now? I watched an Obsidian Ant video last night on carriers, started to get that ED itch again. My head tracker has been getting cold
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    Good to hear back, Blaster. Hope all is well
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    Hey Blaster, that's a name I haven't seen for a long time. Good to have you back mate.
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    Welcome back my good man. I believe your signature accurately timestamps your last burst of gaming activity Ah, they were all the rage. You've certainly been busy mate. I'm glad we're still here so you could pop back in. You've missed a bit of competitive gaming, but it's mostly pretty casual these days. Blaster is an old wG| original, so he goes back a long, long way.
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    Don't believe we have met mate, but welcome back!
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    Random Lockdown Youtube Channels found Thread!
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    The joys of breaking ArmA 3 with your A3 milsim group.
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