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    Yeah but KOTOR is better than all 9 movies combined... None of the Star Wars movies are "great"
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    Oh man thanks to your post I ended up getting it!!! I was going to pass this time around but I should be able to get my moneys worth when is $44. (Not sure if my $10 voucher turned into a $15 one or if I had an old one)
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    The Witcher season 2 is out on Netflix. I'll be watching it this weekend.
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    Epic is doing a free game a day until the 6th January starting today. Also you get a $10 Coupon for logging in during this period. So check in and have a look and see if we can get something decent during this deal.
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    When you win a race you do a shoey... its a rule right??? https://clips.twitch.tv/BoringGrotesqueCoffeeEleGiggle-wuKr6ocTvmYR6fM-
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    Definitely agree, they're like Marvel movies, not great films but good experiences in their own entertainment right! Rogue One is for sure one of the best Star Wars films by a long mile. The last scene is so fucking goooood 😂
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    All Tomb Raider games are free on Epic today. I've had a daily reminder set to check the store. The collection has grown significantly.
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    ^Careful buddy. That is amazing though graphics wise. Although it really annoys me when videos are uploaded with the black bars when I have an ultrawide monitor. Anyone watched Boba Fett yet? It's on my list of holiday watching. I just need to finish The Witcher first, then Hawkeye, The Wheel of Time, Expanse...
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    This 5 minutes was better than the last 3 movies. Fight me
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