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    I was definitely too young to have any idea of what was in my first PC. I do remember smashing out some Duke Nukem on it though
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    Righto so, we have a case manager now, I believe it's someone from Melbourne *shock horror* she got appointed to us a week before Xmas. Since being assigned to us the following has happened. - She's called either my dad or step mum every 2nd day giving us updates on what's happening and if there is anyway she can help, - We finally got ahold of someone at NBN Co who have blamed Telstra for not calling them to arrange a connection date - Telstra have pointed fingers at the NBN Co saying that they have rung them and arranged a date (which they haven't) - Our case manager is sending out a 4G Connection dongle free of charge and will apply our connection to the Simcard. - Case manager is also sending out a new modem (Gen 2 i believe) - Case manager has also wiped last months and this months bill so far - Case manager is looking into giving us a free speed tier upgrade until the end of our contract - Step mum has FINALLY started writing everything down including employee delta numbers (mine was D435032 when I worked for them) plus conversation numbers - Step mum will be calling the TIO tomorrow to lodge a complaint against Telstra.. Our case manager even told us to do so. - Have also been told that the job is marked as to be completed by the 28/01/2021 which imo is friggen ridiculious. With that said. Dad and my step mum have reneged on switching providers still trying my best to convince them this would never have happened with ABB. Its been 6 weeks now with no internet at all. So hopefully in the next week or so i should/will/maybe have internet? Who knows at this point.
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