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    Patch 2 has dropped for the Fleet Carrier update - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/fleet-carriers-update-patch-2-downtime-and-patch-notes.549577/ Also, with everything pretty much gathered that I need for the trip to Colonia, I'll be heading out there in a few days/this weekend coming with the carrier. The trip will take 3-4 days with approx. 40+ jumps, each taking 20mins. I'll have to spend time in the game making the individual jumps, as I can't plot a long range route with the carrier like you can with a ship (because there's no way for the carrier to fill it's fuel tank with stored Tritium automatically, I'll have to manually transfer it to a ship's cargo hold from the storage, then to the fuel tank). I plan to be out there for a couple of weeks when I get there, as it's not only about the Colonia engineer unlocks, but I also want to see the galactic centre (Sagittarius A*). If you want to get back to the bubble before I head back, there are a few possible options, 1. Fly back with a high jump range ship, but this could still entail hundreds of jumps. 2. Some player groups are setting up some 'ferry' services with their Fleet Carriers. I'm not sure if they're in operation yet, but I can look into it. 3. Store your ship at a station, buy a Sidewinder, get blown up, spawn back in the bubble. This however, can lead to a very expensive transfer of your ship, depending on the ship model & modules installed (eg. an Anaconda took 2-3 days to transfer back, at a cost of more than 300+ million credits). If anyone is interested in making the trip, let me know (either here or DM me in Discord/Steam) & dock your ships on the carrier (SFS-FC Phoenix, currently in LHS 215). Shipyard & Outfitting is available, so you can also bring any extra ships/modules you want, as transfer times & costs between the bubble & Colonia aren't cheap & take ages to move.
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    I'll never ever play this game but I find everyone's reports on what they're doing or how they kit our their ships so fascinating
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