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    Another patch was just dropped (about 115MB - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/september-update-patch-1.522857/), which I can confirm, fixed engineering!
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    If i can break the addiction to Tarkov, i might jump in this weekend for some space stuff.
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    Like @Phobos, I was extremely pissed about jumping through the hoops of creating an Activision account. However I pushed on and gave the game a go even after being deafened by the intro. The guns and movement of the game felt like normal COD pretty smooth not bad but honestly thats about the only good thing I can say. The Battle field rip off game mode has the same issue as battle field where tanks sit on the edge of the map and are about impossible to destrory without some serious team cordination. I enjoyed other game modes more. However found it pretty frustrating dying to this pussy rockets which basically have no counter. Yes R6 Siege has perks/gadgets but they have multiple counters and are pretty easy to deal with. Finally I dont consider sitting in a corner dark corner with a shotgun sweaty... its sad and it makes me sick to my god damn stomach, that kids think its acceptable. Maybe they should ask mummy and daddy for an uninstallation. Counter stike is sweaty. R6 Siege is sweaty. fistful of frags is hella sweaty maybe even sweatier than sweat itself. COD is basic the dog that ate rat bait and now it doesn't know which way to go. I think I'll be sticking with my request for a mountain bike this christmas.
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    Funny story, I downloaded it over the weekend. Loaded it up looking for any excuse to hate it....yep, first thing, you need to crate an Activision account to even enter the menu. Yep, that's enough for me. Uninstalled it. Say what you will, I'm sick of making accounts. Don't get me started on the Epic games store "exclusives"..... TotalBiscuit would be rolling in his grave.
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