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  2. NBN

    Maybe Starlink one day, Law Ok, I went back a page and Rallyman got the 600 plan for 6 months from TPG. So I guess since around the start of the year. Interesting interesting considering all the debacle of the NBN network. Probably counting on only a few actually using that bandwidth so it averages out in the end. Still, interesting.
  3. NBN

    *Cries in fixed wireless speeds*
  4. NBN

    Huh, when did ISPs start bringing out plans faster than 100Mbps? Got an email that Optus has given me 6months free 215/20 plan. Looked around, others have similar and even 600Mbps!
  5. Age of Empires and Age of Mythology Series

    Age of Empires IV gameplay trailer: It does look nice. Seems to be most similar to AoEII. I could easily be sucked in.
  6. Elite Dangerous

    Yeah, once the phases start rolling out, the alpha should (hopefully) get more interesting. The tools are nice (especially the arc cutter), good for scavenging, bypassing security/defenses & stuff like that. We're yet to access the other tool for exploration which is added in Phase Three. It's Phase Two I'm looking forward to, being the combat-focused one, that supposed to add 'combined arms' faction warfare (essentially ground-based conflict zones). In the first phase, combat has been a disappointment. The gunplay definitely needs more polish & enemies sometimes feel a bit 'spongey' for my liking. I hope with the combat suit & possibly some more weapons, it might make it better, but only time will tell. The guns available atm are alright, but some of their physical appearances are meh. The kinetic guns look like nerf guns & the laser guns look like some obscure artist designed them. Considering what ship-mounted kinetic & laser weapons look like now, it would be nice to see the handheld guns take some design cues from them at some point. (And yes, I want a handheld Multi-Cannon!)
  7. Elite Dangerous

    Some more alpha from players coming in from ObsidianAnt recently. It is very alpha, but it's interesting to see how it's going to look/feel. Interesting to see different tools and cutting access panels, using keypads etc. I wish they'll add more little "mini games" like that. More interactive stuff, like Among Us. Otherwise yeah, cutting a panel for 1000x time will get stale.
  8. Mechanical Keyboards

    So my K70 Mk2 about 2 months ago decided it wanted to play silly buggers and not show the correct RBG lighting format I selected, so I've FINALLY sent it back to PCCG for an RMA and hopefully, I get either a full refund or a replacement, however in the meantime for the last 2 months I've been using the Kogan mechanical keyboard its got Outemu blue switches and for $45 (what I originally paid) I haven't had a single issue with the keyboard, tho finding the actual software to change the RGB lighting was a pain. I did recommend the keyboard to @MiniSanders after had issues with his Corsair keyboard as well. Having said that Mini ordered some double-shot keycaps for his as the default font on the default keys was a bit of a pain to try and decipher what it meant, after seeing what they looked like I also ordered some and installed them this morning. They feel and add a bit of different sound compared to the default keycaps. Default keycaps Double-shot PBT keycaps
  9. Stream Channels

    Please sir, you're inflating us 1000%
  10. Stream Channels

    You really like spending those clan funds on anything... all 10cents of them?
  11. Stream Channels

    Nice work mate. We'll put all the clan's funds towards a subscription.
  12. Stream Channels

    Bumping this topic back up. Thought I would ad in what I am currently streaming and when. Monday night starting 8.30ish - Racing in Assetto Corsa (1 week is race week (tonight), 1 is practice and ad-hoc racing) Tuesday night starting 7.30pm - weekly Dungeons and Dragons session Friday night starting 8.30pm - Commentating an online racing series with @TheLaw Edit: Also of note is that I hit affiliate last week, which gives people access to subscribe to my channel now
  13. Elite Dangerous

    FDev had a starport tour stream earlier this morning & they posted the tour of a orbital station's hub as a standalone vid, And the alpha rollout has been posted. The phases are planned to be released weekly, but could be extended if they need more feedback - https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/elite-dangerous-odyssey-alpha-rollout-plan.567846/
  14. YouTube Video Thread - Part 2

    Got the dog!
  15. Your First PC

    Here is the specs of the first computer which was actually mine, accurately named JoshPC1 (I'm currently up to JoshPC6, for the record). This machine was ordered in my first year of uni (2004). I was pretty insistent on getting a 3Ghz Pentium 4, as well as a graphics card with 128MB of RAM (64MB was more common at that stage). The card I received was an ATI Radeon 9200. Two years later it was upgraded to an Nvidia 6800 GTX so the computer could play CoD2 (on low). This computer received a hammering. I had two different LAN crews - one on our uni res, which included Vulcan, and another crew from my uni course which included Mini. Games such as CoDUO, Age of Empires 2 and Age of Mythology racked a heap of hours. Sometimes we had games of Age with eight players, which was almost a dream come true. In CoDUO I think we got up to 12 one night running over our very ad-hoc LAN set up (we were bridging four Belkin wireless access points across three different buildings to run our own private network because the uni provided nothing - I learnt more from setting this up than I did in my entire course). Once I moved out into a uni owned house we were able to connect to ADSL. By chance, the day we moved in an AAPT rep was doing the rounds and he signed us up for 12GB of data at about $40 a month. Not long after I was playing CoDUO online and found the WARGROUNDS servers. I never really gave any Age games a go online, but a few of us did play some Freelancer for a while. Ultimately this machine spent a LOT of time on clan related gaming. This computer lasted three and a half years (with a RAM and GPU upgrade after 18 months). It eventually died when a lightning strike hit near our uni house, sending a surge down the powerline. This knocked out the PSU and motherboard (as well as my trusty wireless access point that we always used for LANs). I was sad to see it go, but it was in need of an overhaul. The requested specs that I sent to Minit Computers in Bendigo: Hardware: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz Processor. 512MB RAM. 128MB Graphics Card. Sound Card. DVD/CD RW Drive. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. (These were pre-bluetooth days and were not very good. Once the batteries went flat in a competitive match online and they wouldn't reconnect until I restarted my whole computer. I had the flag and everyone was just looking at me wondering why I wasn't moving) 17" Screen. (This was a real pain at LANs because it was huge at the back) Software: Windows XP Home Edition. Office 2003 Student Edition. Windows Media Player. CD Burning Software. Price: $2,500. Am I still running my machine off this version of Windows XP? No, only because it was 32bit. But this did get upgraded to Vista when that was released.
  16. Grand Theft Auto V

    Best to not dwell on these thoughts lest you be overcome with existential dread 🙃
  17. Grand Theft Auto V

    Imagine the THOUSANDS OR MILLIONS of hours wasted by people waiting for GTA Online to load in since it's release, all down to a couple of lines of crappy code.
  18. Grand Theft Auto V

    I'm sure he'll stay on their radar in the future. Even if they forget about him, he could mention it in a future job interview with Rockstar and they'd take him there and then! 😅
  19. Grand Theft Auto V

    I timed it last night, loaded from the main menu into Online, it took 1 minute 21 seconds (game is on an SSD), so the fix is legit. And it's a shame that he's underage and couldn't have taken a job offer. If he could fix this, imagine what else could be improved! At the same time, $10k ain't nothing to be sneezed at.
  20. Grand Theft Auto V

    @Predz and I tested the load times last night. I used to have to wait around 7 - 10 minutes to load into GTA Online, now it's cut down to about 2 minutes. They also did offer him a job apparently but he's only 16 from what I've heard so naturally, he had to decline the offer.
  21. Grand Theft Auto V

    So they've FINALLY fixed the issues with the long load times in GTA Online - it only took a fan in his spare time literally pointing it out to Rockstar for the to get it sorted. https://kotaku.com/fan-fixes-gta-online-load-times-rockstar-makes-it-offi-1846481841 At least he got a bug bounty of $10k out of it?
  22. Elite Dangerous

    Looking forward to how the FPS part turns out.
  23. Gaming And Software Sales

    Dirt 5 is having a free weekend right now, if anyone is keen on that sort of thing: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1038250/DIRT_5/ I've played a little bit so far, and it looks AMAZING. Decently fun too, but the weather effects are really neat.
  24. Elite Dangerous

    FDev dropped som pre-alpha Odyssey mission gameplay. Also, the alpha is due to be released on the 29th of March.
  25. NBN

    It's a shame you had to go through so many hoops, but at least you've got something in return. I hate to think about how many people don't know their rights and don't get anything back, as the telcos certainly aren't forthcoming.
  26. NBN

    So I got a call from Barnaby Joyce's office today. They rang Telstra and have organized compensation for us. we are getting $375 in credit on the bill. $25 off our plan till the contract ends and they aren't charging us for the modem. Our case manager should call either dad or my step mum today to confirm this.
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