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  2. Battlefield 2042

    Well that's all quite interesting. Could be tricky for them to balance it all.
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  4. Battlefield 2042

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  6. Movie Club

    Dave Chappelle: The Closer is worth a watch if you're into his style of comedy. Had a strong ending.
  7. Battlefield 2042

    It is EA... so yes it will activate on Origin and need both clients open
  8. Battlefield 2042

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  10. Battlefield 2042

    That's probably not too bad a price. But do I want the Gold Edition? Also, am I correct that I can buy this on Steam, but then it has to activate on Origin anyway?
  11. Battlefield 2042

    Link for those interested https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B096XPWW5P?tag=ozbargain-22&linkCode=ogi&psc=1&th=1
  12. Battlefield 2042

    I'd almost consider buying it outright for $60
  13. Clan Related Video Thread

    Very impressive stuff!!
  14. Battlefield 2042

    32 players seems low for BR too; but I guess then there's better chance of having more games.
  15. Battlefield 2042

    Nothing stated for EA Play as far as I can find so far. Assume it will be on EA Play Plus for a few months and then move to EA Play at a later date. In saying that $90 is steep, it is currently $62 on Amazon for an Origin code
  16. Battlefield 2042

    The premise for the mode sounds okay, almost like Tarkov in a way. As for the $90 for a gamw nowadays that will most certainly have season passes, that's pretty steep. Do we know how long it will be on EA Play for?
  17. Battlefield 2042

    I think the biggest problem will be entry cost. Fortnite is free, and PUBG is cheap. $90 to play a BR seems a bit excessive. I know it has hte other mode, but BR's have always been on the lower to no cost end
  18. Battlefield 2042

    Well I'm certainly interested. Is this their take on battle royale? I remember when BF5 came out I thought their BR mode might take off - but it didn't seem to do much and I found Warzone had too much happening with weapons etc. I'm worried this could be the same - BR modes should be pretty simple and straightforward.
  19. Battlefield 2042

    Chucked this in Discord, but will put over here too. And the full information they have released so far https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042/news/battlefield-briefing-exploring-battlefield-hazard-zone
  20. Clan Related Video Thread

    Here's two videos of me running around like a headless chook in the last circle. Unfortunately my Shadowplay still wasn't recording my mic, but you get the gist thanks to BP and Jebus. In the second video I planned to throw a decoy smoke grenade, which didn't work out. But it did start an interesting chain of events where I needed a lot of bullets and an extended mag in the M249.
  21. Battlefield 2042

    Ended up finding time to watch this & yeah mostly agree with what he says. Overall took a bite out of it and it tasted sweet but at the end I was left with a bad after taste. I kind of enjoyed it but I wasn't up late on Saturday night during lockdown playing it. Only did 4 hours in the end which is very low for someone who used to be a huge fan. Oh well I'll just wait till release and if enough clan members are playing I'll reluctantly drop $90 on it. But after saying all that they do have the portal thing soooo... maybe if they have some good servers running like 6+ members in a squad and you don't have identical specialist running around I could see me self getting back into it. Hopefully it is how they advertised it.
  22. Battlefield 2042

    Game pass is pretty ridiculous for value. So many games, a lot of them fairly new or even day one including ea play and bethesda games.
  23. Battlefield 2042

    Do they still do boxed copies of PC games? The last proper boxed game I got was GTA 5 in 2015
  24. Battlefield 2042

    I have been able to verify that statement for 15 years now. I might see about the Microsoft option, as that would give me AoEIV as well. Of course, I have also Googled boxed copies for both games...
  25. Battlefield 2042

    EA Play? Depending which version of EA Play it comes out on, it might be included with the Microsoft Gamepass... I enjoyed the Beta, there were issues, but to me nothing game breaking or anything that destroyed my fun. I am not playing competitively though, and I suck at shooters, so for me it was about fun, and I had that
  26. Frostpunk Series

    i never played the dlc. I only played it because it was on game pass.
  27. Battlefield 2042

    I really don't understand how they can do this to themselves each and every time. I might not buy upon release, but try that EA Game Pass thing first and see what it looks like.
  28. Frostpunk Series

    I've been dabbling in the DLC; I'm working down the list and just started the refugee one. I think 2 will definitely get a look in at some point.
  29. Frostpunk Series

    Was a fantastic sleeper. I echo your experience in a lot of ways. People in tents for endgame..rough. going to play 2?
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